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    Scotty MacFly

    I took my son fishing today. He doesn’t go very often because it doesn’t appear to be as big an interest to him as his electronics. He’s also 17, so hanging around the old man I guess isn’t cool any more. I remember when he was little, 3 or 4 years old, he followed me everywhere wanting to help me with everything. But when he does ask if we can go fishing I jump on it. He’s my only child, and it kind of takes me back to when I was young and would wait all day for grandpa to come home from work so I could ask him if we could go. No matter how tired he was, he also jumped at the opportunity if grandma gave him permission. Uncle Pete, my grandparents only son, I figured was like my son when it came to fishing. He and grandpa never went together, but my uncle has shared fishing stories with me, so I know he at least did fish from time to time.
    My son had his best day yet on the water. He caught 4 fish and 2 trees, and all on a dry. I started to give him pointers at first, explaining where the seams were and what pocket water is, and he looked at me and said,” I know how to read it dad.” I knew then that even though through my selfish excitement of fishing with my son, I was crowding him. So I gave him some space and went upstream a ways but to turn around now and then to see how he was doing, more for his safety than anything. At one time he was working a small pocket made by a fallen tree, and he worked it patiently and stuck to it to bring out 3 little browns. He looked at me as though he wanted me to see his reward, and I just gave him a smile and a thumbs up.
    The 2 trees he snagged into I just let him alone to let him take care of it. And he did just fine without me. He’s growing up, and I guess he won’t need me as much anymore. Kind of hurts a little, because I wanted to help him, but this was an opportunity for him to get out of a mess on his own. He’s becoming a young man, and he needs to learn to get himself out of a jam. But if he couldn’t get out of it on his own all he needed to do was yell out at me and I’d be there for him.

    All in all, he’s learned to be aware of his surroundings a little more, watching for trees and such. He’s shown a little more patience and focus. I think if he decides to get more into this sport, he may actually do just fine.

    The Creek was a little low on some areas, but we found the fish in the deeper parts about knee deep, and the weather was good. Hot, but good until the wind started to pick up heavily bringing in storm clouds. Time to go.

    I told my son what a great job he did, and he looked at the ground and said, ” thanks dad.”

    This was, and is, a good ending.



    Scotty: I promise you this: He will remember fondly that day and the other times you patiently spent time with him. My son took me fishing this father’s day (he’s 34). We have a boat, two canoes and a high clearance four wheel drive, and could have gone anywhere. He wanted to go across the road to the pool we started fishing together when he was 4 years old.
    I think you handled the day like a champ.

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