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    Scotty MacFly

    No, this is not a remake of a George Carlin skit, or a fishing report of any sort, but a small review of a simple fishing satchel I purchased.

    I love vests, wore them all my fishing life. Tradition speaks loudly to me and to some of you as well I’m sure. I have tried these new waist packs and they all felt heavy and awkward sitting on my hip and pulling my waders down. Sling packs, they don’t look appealing to me at all. But there have been times wearing a vest gets too hot and that gets uncomfortable.

    I ordered a fishing bag/satchel from a rod maker and I used it for the first time Saturday. I am impressed! The one thing I was really concerned about is that when I bend over will the bag fall forward and get in my way? Nope. It stayed at my side and the funny thing is it shouldn’t have. Could be the way I bent over, or the positioning of my arm, or just the way it’s made, I don’t know or care. It stayed put.
    I bought the large bag, well…..because I wanted to. With all the stuff I put into that bag, fishing stuff, lunch, water bottle, light jacket, I still had room. I thought maybe it would weigh me down on one side, but the strap sat on my shoulder and it felt very comfortable and light. It never got in my way, and it makes a great arm rest when watching your fly drift on by. The strap is adjustable so you can wade in deeper if you wanted to and not get it wet. It isn’t water proof, but if water gets in, it has drain holes in the bottom.

    I thought this bag would be good when I go fish the small waters for brookies and cutties, you know, just to keep things light and minimal, but I like it so much that it has replaced my vest.

    If you’re interested in seeing it, here’s the link.



    Great review, Scotty. Oddly enough, I was looking at that exact item earlier today. I wasn’t looking for a fishing satchel and found it randomly, but it caught my eye. It’s very similar to a few camera bags I have, or had in the past.

    When I started fly fishing, I wore a chest pack and found it very useful. Eventually I moved on to a vest, but sometimes think I ought to try a chest pack again. Maybe I’ll consider one of these instead.

    But my question is, how easily/quickly can you access often-needed items, like forceps, tippet and selfie stick?



    Scotty MacFly

    Brett, inside the bag at the top is a d-ring to a small strap. What I have attached to the ring is my spools of tippet and a leader straightener, and my forceps are clamped to the strap. On the outside of the bag you will find 2 more D-rings, one on each side of the bag. On one side I have my floatant and knot tying tool, and on the other my net. It’s up to you what you want to hang where, and I may do some switching around till I find what really works for me that would be efficient.

    As for a selfie stick, I have never taken a selfie with a fish…or anything else really. But in all seriousness, I don’t know. Contact Chris and ask him, he’s an incredibly nice guy and will answer all and any questions. He’s building my bamboo fly rod as we speak.
    If I didn’t have a light jacket and lunch my wife forced me to take, everything would have been so very easily ready to grab.

    What really grabbed my attention were the two huge pockets in the front. I have a 6 compartment plastic fly box from Cortland in each of them and they fit perfectly with room to spare. There are different things you can do to reach the full potential from this bag, for instance, if you carry split shot, the pockets on the side will hold those round containers, depending on which size you get.

    I will be honest though, I will bet you anything if you buy his leader wallets they will fit in those side pockets nicely. Just a hunch, but that’s my thinking because a pack of leaders, the packaging itself is a little too long and the flap doesn’t close. He gave me a free soft leather wet fly wallet, small sized, and it has a hard time fitting in a side pocket because it’s so soft, but a canvas one, being stiffer may slide right in. I will be getting some of those in the future.

    But really, finding the things I needed wasn’t too difficult.

    I had a fellow angler come up and asked about it while on the river. He seemed really interested so I gave him the name of the maker to google up. Like I said, Chris is a heck of a nice guy, and he is out to please his customers. I am pleased.



    Bags are popular with the traditional crowd. There’s a long thread with lot’s of pictures about them on the bamboo forum right now.

    Personally, i’ve always used a vest and I doubt i’ll ever change. I’m a fan of Lee Wulff.



    I’m with Creek on this one – I have two vests (trout and steelhead) I usually carry too much stuff in them, but now and again not going minimalist pays off. Like the one fall morning when I found a pod of good fish eating trico spinners on a long flat a good two weeks after the miniature bugs should have been done. Having the extra box handy put three nice trout in the net.

    Considering getting a Filson strap vest for hot summer days.

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