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    Dry Fly Guy

    I’ve been getting some questions regarding avatars, so I figured I’d make this a “sticky”.

    The “Dry Fly” websites utilize the Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar) system.  This system provides you with the ability to register an email address, and then assign (upload, link, etc.) an image you want to associate with it.  Every website you register with using that email (and that recognizes the Gravatar system) will automatically use the avatar image you’ve associated with your email.  If you are using multiple emails, you can register any or all of them, and assign the same or different images to each of them.

    So here is how you do it, if you want an avatar.

    1. Go here: Gravatar
    2. Enter the email address you want to register in the field, and click on the “Get Your Gravatar” button beside it. (There is also a short video below this if you’d like to view it before proceeding)
    3. Click on the “Create a new one” link.
    4. A form will now pop-up, and you’ll likely find that it has been completed for you, except for the Password field.  So just enter your preferred password and submit the form.
    5. Now disregard anything else you see (its just confusing) and go check your email.  You should have received an email verification from WordPress.  Just click on the “Activate Account” button and it will take you back to WordPress and automatically verify your email.
    6. The message you’ll now receive will confirm your account and provide you with another button to take you back to Gravatar.  Just click on this button.
    7. You’ll then get a “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet!” message.  Just click on the “Add one by clicking here!” link, and follow the directions for associating the image you want to use.

    Once you have done this, your avatar will automatically be used wherever you’ve registered using that email, and they’ve implemented the Gravatar system into the website.  If you want to change your avatar image, you just change the image associated to your Gravatar email, and the change is automatically made for every website using Gravatar.

    It actually sounds a lot more complicated here to get one than it is, but for those of you wanting an avatar, that’s how it is done.

    ~ DFG



    Finished my hoop jumping avatar quest, took maybe 3 minutes, its painless…



    Dry Fly Guy

    Thanks for the confirmation of how “painless” it is, and it’s great to see you here!

    ~ DFG



    Yeah, it was pretty easy.

    Now is there anyway to add an automatic signature line?

    Todd B.
    “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy” – Billy Currington


    Dry Fly Guy

    That’s one I’ve been working on Todd, and I may have found a good solution. I’ll keep you posted.

    ~ DFG

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