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    I’m a new fan of Fisher since buying one. Sweetest rod i’ve ever cast including bamboo and glass. Fisher is the original Winston IM6. I’ve never owned any Winston that felt this good.



    Hi Scotty Macfly,
    In 1993 I traded/sold all of my rods and bought eight IM6 3-piece rods all for trout:
    8 1/2′ 4-weight
    8 1/2′ 5-weight
    9′ 5 weight
    8 1/2′ 6-weight
    9′ 6-weight
    Two 9′ 7-weights
    (Also two 9′ 8-weights in XTR for Saltwater)

    Recently I bought the following 2-piece rods:
    Two 8′ 4-weights TMF’s in WT
    Two 8 1/2′ 5-weights in WT

    Also bought two Boron-III TH MicroSpey 4-weights….these are really cool!

    Bottom line…..
    I don’t notice ANY difference between the IM6 versus WT.
    However, I special ordered the WT’s because I want no part of higher-tech/faster action rods for trout fishing.

    You can still order any WT rod you want….which is great!


    Scotty MacFly

    I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to own only one brand, but all brands have rods that just don’t have what you’re looking for, so I guess one would have to find the style of rods that he/she likes ( like the WT series ) and buy the whole family for different scenarios.

    But I like different rods from different companies, so I don’t get to hooked up on one brand. I don’t like Sage, I’ll tell you that right off, because I don’t like rods that are too fast. Scott and Orvis rods have what I like, and I really like the Orvis Superfine Carbon rods. They are a blast for being graphite. They have a great full flex with a strong butt section. They have the unsanded blanks like the Scotts, and I also believe it makes the rods stronger even with a thinner wall.

    But if a person likes one brand and series in that brand, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Keeps things simple, that’s for sure.


    Dark Waters

    I would have to say Winston. I’ve also liked Scott as well. Not much else has really done it for me.

    I went crazy and bought a lot of rods this year. (have not been able to fish much) I have found out that I really like the old San Francisco Winston’s and have more than a few of them now. After weeks of deliberating I have picked out a couple of rods to sell.

    I consider Sweetgrass a branch of Winston. I like their Pents and my Octi best. Figured out I don’t like their hexes much. Too fast and wiggly. The others are more progressive in action, and the butts don’t wiggle like the hexes I’ve tried. (I have tried a lot of them)

    Starting to see a trend in my limited experience regarding Lew Stoner and Doug Merrick era tapers. The Merrick rods seem to be great all around while the 2 Stoner rods I have (one of which is my favorite rod ever) tend to be faster in the tip with a stronger butt. I need to try more rods to find out if this is true, especially knowing the two Stoner rods are more specific task tapers.



    Consumers are the one can provide judgement on what they think the best brands to use. Branding not definitely just by its name, but the value of the products and its values. To know more on branding ideas, check this one



    Bill Blackburn and Marty Karstetter for starters. Then Jon Parker and Ron Kusse.


    Scotty MacFly

    I have heard or seen Bill Blackburn’s name before, but don’t remember where. Am I understanding correctly that all these gentlemen are private rod builders, say like bamboo?

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