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    That’s where i’m at right now Scotty. I took off the whole fishing season to heal up my torn rib and crummy shoulder. They were both pain free and I thought I had healed up for good. Today I cast a fly rod in a log time. At least a year. The pain in my rib and shoulder came right back like it did a year ago. I’m convinced now that i’ll never heal and especially if I continue with a fly rod. The problem isn’t so much with the forward cast, but that’s part of it. The problem is the back cast. That pulling action tears up my rib.

    I wanted to test myself before giving a deposit on the bamboo rod I ordered. I can easily get out of the order at this point. I’m going to go ahead and cancel. It’s too much money to just let sit in the closet.

    I still want to fish, so i’m going to do the only kind I can do. An UL spin rod. I can cast it with a flick of the wrist and there’s no back cast to pull on my rib and no weight to speak of on the forward cast. I can use a small bubble and streamers. I can also use small inline spinners like Panther Martins. It’s not fly fishing and i’m going to miss it. It is fishing the same rivers and ponds though and that’s better than nothing. I could try dry flies off the small bubble, but i’ve tied that in the past and it doesn’t work that good except on ponds. I have no control of the drag on rivers. So, i’m going to be sub-surface from now on. Not by choice for sure, but i’ll be damned if i’ll give up fishing. I already retired from hunting. I’m not doing the same with fishing.


    Scotty MacFly

    That stinks about your rib & shoulder. I know you thought about it, but I am gonna ask anyway, have you tried casting with your other arm? I practice doing that just because of what you’re going through. My right shoulder is bad, but not bad enough to stop me yet.

    Good idea backing out on the rod. Ultra light spinning is fun. And I won’t think any less of you.

    Try to keep healing up buddy, I’m pulling for ya.



    I’m so right side dominant that I look like a girl throwing a ball when I try to cast left handed. It’s pitiful.

    I had to learn to shoot left handed when I lost the sight of my right eye, but that was pretty easy. Casting is way more difficult for me. Given a choice, i’d rather use a spin rod.

    St Croix makes a trout UL spin rod. It’s not just a spin rod with UL action. It’s like a short 7′ fly rod with a spin reel seat. I think i’ll order one. I’d like to try it before winter so I don’t have to think all winter if i’m going to like it.



    Here’s the rod i’m talking about Scotty.


    Scotty MacFly

    Better hurry, winter will be here on Monday they say, with temps in the 30’s with snow.

    I can’t cast as good left handed as I can right handed, so I understand the problem.

    I can only throw out suggestions, because I want you to enjoy doing what you enjoy. I don’t know how much pain you’re in, but if it’s bad enough to stop you from casting a fly rod, it must be bad.

    Do you think tenkara style might bother your ailments as much? I have not done it, but isn’t it just flicking the wrist upstream, and not like false casting? Just an idea, but again, I have never done it. Well, I take that back. It’s a lot like what I do on small streams, where I use a fly rod, but I just use the wrist because I am casting short distance. A fly rod is just more versatile.



    The problem is it’s more for creek fishing than anything. I’m sort of getting away from that and I want to fish the Ark and ponds/lakes. So, I need to cast out farther than tenkara.


    Scotty MacFly

    Well then, tenkara isn’t the answer.

    I’m so sorry your hurt creek. With everything you have been through since I have known you, you deserve something good, something real good. What, I don’t know, but something good.

    Just keep fishing buddy, any way you can. But leave the red Hills Brothers can full of night crawlers alone. Not your style.


    Scotty MacFly

    Just saw the rod you posted. Creek, they are listed as fast action rods, even though they are UL rods. Would you be happy with that?



    Spin rods are much different than fly rods Scotty. In fly fishing you’re casting a heavy line with a long slow stroke. A med action works with that king of stroke that you can wait for the rod to load.

    A spin rod is a fast flick of the wrist. You need a fast action for that kind of stroke. Plus you’re casting a line that weighs nothing and all the weight is at the end of the line. There’s no such thing as a soft presentation. A med action spin rod feels terrible to me.

    It’s a different kind of fishing that requires a different action from the rod. Even a fast action fly rod would be too slow for spin fishing.


    Scotty MacFly

    I know. I just never liked fast stiff rods, no matter what kind.

    I had an 5′ 6″ UL spinning rod by Abu Garcia, and it was a moderate action. I loved that rod. I sold it when I sold all my conventional gear and went strictly fly fishing. I wish I still had it.
    When we went to Minn. in June this year I had to spend all my money I had saved for a 9wt rod for pike on my truck. I was really bummed about that because it is a fantasy of mine to catch pike on a fly. But watching my wife & son catch bluegill & sunfish, plus some 2lb bass on their spinning rods, I went and bought a UL Shakespeare spinning rod for like $30. If Shakespeare ever made a good rod, it is my opinion its the Ugly Stick rods. What an incredible little rod, and string too. But the flex is what I like. It felt like a small fly rod when a fish was on.
    But for big rivers and lakes, you would want distance, but for the small creeks, just 20 foot casts is all I need.
    Spinning rods & fly rods in my humble opinion are not all that different. Fast rods will cast farther with less effort, whether its a fly rod or spinning rod, it doesn’t matter. Its just the way they are casted that’s different because of the tackle used.
    Moderate fast is as fast as I like. But not real fast rods.

    Gotta go, church is starting.



    I’m going to do one more experiment before giving up on the fly rod. There was a time when I fished nothing but creeks. Which is why I took the name on so many forums. I loved the solitude spunky little fish and most important the terrain. Te creeks around here are all in beautiful country. from 8000′ to 11,000′ it’s all a pleasure to fish. Shady, quiet, bubbling freestone creeks lower my heart rate at least 10 beats and i’m sure my blood pressure too. Plus, I hardly ever see another fishermman and no snoopy people asking me……..catch anything? Dry flies almost always work, because the water isn’t deep enough that a trout won’t come up for a fly on the surface. There are some pools, but for the most part a dry will work. As will spiders. Spiders were invented for this kind of water.

    Ok, that’s the positive. Now the negative. I have Osteoporosis. That’s a bone disease that weakens the bones. Instead of the bone being solid it becomes honeycomb and breaks easily. That’s why I broke my back so many times and it healed in a U shape. My back is bent over and I can’t straighten up. I look like i’m 95 years old. I try and ignore it but every now and then I catch my reflection and can’t believe that’s me. I’m not whining about this. I bring it up to show that fishing creeks can be more dangerous for me than others. One slip and fall will almost always break a bone. Our rocky creeks are pretty hard to walk on. Even fishing from the bank can easily cause a slip. This is why I gave up fishing creeks.

    Ok, that’s the positive and negative on creeks. There is one more positive and why i’m even considering creeks again. I can use a very short, light fly rod. I can make short casts with a flick of the wrist. This would solve my shoulder/rib problem. Also, I won’t have to buy and gear. I have a 7′ CGR rod that i’ve never fished and it will be perfect for my creeks. Today, i’m going to try it and see if it bothers my injuries.

    So, this is my decision now. Go to a spin rod and fish bigger waters, or stay with fly fishing by fishing just creeks with a short rod. What to do? Can I be careful enough to fish creeks and not fall? Shouldn’t I even try and just fish the spin rod?


    Scotty MacFly

    Your health & safety should always be top priority.
    To take a chance at something you know can be seriously dangerous to yourself to just bring you happiness is purely selfish & foolish.

    You just listed many reasons why you should not fish creeks. Bringing your heart rate down is one thing. They have pills for that, and fly tying. But breaking your back, (again), you may not be so lucky this time.

    Get the spinning rod, fish your neighborhood lake, and the Ark. Being wise is also knowing your limitations. I understand you’re not ready to let it go yet creek. That’s the Superman in all of us talking. I still try to do the things I did 30 years ago just to say to myself how stupid that was.

    Do what you will creek. But think on it some more, ok?



    I can relate to your shoulder difficulties, creek. The arthritis in my right hip has gotten worse over the last year to the point it’s affecting my ability to walk more than a few hundred yards at a time, and it’s looking like a hip replacement is the only solution. And on top of that my ortho doc is moving in a few months and isn’t scheduling any operations so I have to find a new one.

    Do whatever you have to do to keep fishing my friend – UL, short fly rod, whatever. Maybe you could teach yourself to cast with your left hand? (assuming you’re a righty)



    Ok, I strung up the rod and did some lawn casting. A short fly rod is no problem. I can use all wrist and make a 30′ cast from my knee which is almost all my creek casting. Plus, I never need a cast on a creek that long. I haven’t decided to go this way, but at least I know I can do it with no pain.

    I can relate to the hip problem. I have the same thing and it was really the reason I retired from hunting. All the hiking was killing me. I’m stubborn though I doubt i’ll ever get it operated on. A woman in my building had the operation. Before she had a slight limp but got around pretty good. She’s now in a wheelchair after a 1 1/2 years since the operation. I don’t trust doctors anymore and never go to one. I just suck it up think positive and ignore whatever the problem is. After awhile I don’t even think about it anymore.

    Scotty everytime i’ve broke my back it has been in the apartment. Getting up at night to pee and falling. Picking stuff up. Playing with the dog. Believe it or not, I did it one time just coughing real hard. So, fishing creeks might be safer than staying home. Plus, the Ark is way more dangerous than a creek. If I fall in the Ark they might find me 20 miles downstream. 5-6 people die on the Ark every year.

    I think I might be bored to death with a spin rod. I always was in the past. Especially, on lakes. Cast it out, reel it in..cast it out, reel it in. ZZZZZZzzzz. It’s a no challenge kind of fishing. I could teach a chimp to do it. Creek fishing is interesting. no cast is the same. I’m always inventing a way to get the fly to a certain spot and not be seen and to not put drag on the fly. It’s never boring and when something is boring i’m going to quit doing it. I know me. I can handle a lot of things, but being bored isn’t one of them.

    I’m going to do the creek thing. I want to do it with a lighter line this time. That will be new for me and make it more interesting. I’ve always used a 5wt line for creeks. I want to try a 3wt. I already have the line. Not sure why I have it but I do. I’ll look around for a 3wt rod and sell the ones I have.

    Scotty…Do you want the CGR back? Otherwise, i’m going to sell it and put the money towards a 3wt.


    Scotty MacFly

    I have always been a believer that a person knows their capabilities better than anyone else, to a point. I believe in what you say creek, about you can still use a small rod. I won’t talk you out of it.

    As for spin fishing, it’s just like nymphing isn’t it? Same thing over and over.

    You keep the CGR creek, and do with it what you feel you need to; it’s your rod, not mine. Do you suppose you can trade it in for a 3wt CGR? Or maybe another Cabelas rod. I hear good things about the Three Forks rod from Cabelas. And I also hear Cabelas will no longer be making rods, and all their rods will be on clearance soon because Bass Pro will be making their rods Cabelas. Dang shame.

    Practice the bow and arrow cast creek if you haven’t done it. That cast has gotten flies in places for me I’d thought was impossible.

    Maybe your friend can make you a 3wt bamboo? It’s all up to you buddy, you make the best choice for what you need it for.

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