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    Looks pretty dead around here, but expected over time? I’ve given it some thought. Most forums only survive and stay lively if there’s fishing reports. Perhaps most of us here aren’t really into that? Might be a certain characteristic of the dry fly fisherman, content with how he/she fishes, the catches, the experience itself, with little need or desire to tell anyone.

    One can only discuss how to store a rod, weight of a reel, “which line,” Flouro vs. Mono, and all the other popular forum topics so many times. There are already busy, active forums for fly tying and design, vintage stuff, and fly fishing in general with tons of pictures and reports. No, they’re not dry fly sites, and there’s a lot of bobber talk/debate, but most of us probably still go there and choose our discussions to read, participate in, and/or ignore.

    So did this place not take off and continue to grow because there’s only a scant few of us dry fly fishermen to begin with, and most of us by nature are reclusive, older and crotchety, or even secretive, except when amongst known friends in person? I don’t have the answers, but I had hoped this would turn into a place where we could carry on about fishing dry without any wet fly, nymph, bobber, swinging riff-raff. But then again, most of it has been covered in literature, dating back to Halford, and built upon to current works on selectivity and fly design. And lets face it, dry fly fishing IS more simplistic and easier than other forms of wet fly fishing. See fish, cast to fish, catch fish. Less guesswork. That’s part of the reason I’ve chosen only to fly fish dry for the past 20 years or so.

    Mostly, I think most fly fishermen in general just don’t choose to limit themselves to fishing on top, and therefore engage in more varied dialogue on other forums. Those who do only fish dry, or highly prefer it, are usually not beginners, and therefore not subject to the well-beaten forum topics you see on every board, every year. Just like the covers of fly fishing magazines, the same topics re-appear seasonally, just like the hatches. But if nothing else, now we have a new post in the last month! Hopefully not the last, but if it is, it was a fun little ride. Thanks Dry Fly Guy.



    The owner did most everything right. Announcement. Solicited certain individuals with established reps on other popular forums. Gear give away during the grand opening. Etc. Don’t know why it didn’t fly. For me it is the difficulty of posting photos as compared to other forums I participate in. 21 century, no visuals, no interest. Perhaps the concept of internet forum has spent its fuel.

    I will say this, although not the intent of the owners of forums, it is the classifieds section that draws folks in.


    Dry Fly Guy

    All great points gentlemen, and I thank you for the compliments as well.

    I thought this was a great idea, and I tried to drive some membership to it to get it up and running. Not sure of the whys and wherefores that it hasn’t, and I’m certainly open to any ideas you might have to get it going. But if there is no interest, there’s not much I can do about it.

    I’m still here, and I’m still weeding out the spam members that continually try to register and post. If I allowed them to have their way, this place would be hopping!

    So in answer to the question posted in the titleā€¦. I’m alive and well, and wondering the same thing myself in regards to this forum.



    To prove my point. I posted a Winston WT graphite Rod on the bamboo forum this afternoon and in less than one hour it had 107 views and I am not even a regular poster there, just an occasional seller of glass and high end graphite.


    Dark Waters

    My thoughts:

    It all depends on whether we post/comment or not.

    DFG has provided a great place to share info/ideas but if we the current members don’t contribute, then that’s about it.

    There really needs to be a core of people who want to communicate and share a certain kind of info in a way that others want to be a part of. People need to feel welcome and encouraged to participate, etc.

    I was around when one major saltwater board got started here on the east coast. It started because one person decided to make a place for guys posting on the wmi boards to post pics. That site is now Stripersonline. I was a mere spectator but the people that contributed to that site from the beginning are the reason why it became the success that is it today. (The main reason it became a success at all) It’s all about content.

    Pictures here are a little more difficult to post than some other similar websites but still not overly complicated. I do find that pictures are displayed smaller here and feel that kind of takes away from them to some extent. We have some members that are very vocal about not wanting to see fish pics, therefore I am less likely to post fish pics here, but I still take them.

    We probably are all a bit set in our ways and maybe that is a detriment to starting a forum. Then again there are other similar sites that are not terribly busy and still serve anglers well like sparecegreymatter.

    It feels like this site just hasn’t found it’s real voice yet, let’s not give up on it.


    Dry Fly Guy

    Thanks for the comments (and for being here!)

    I guess there are at least four of us!

    ~ DFG




    Put me in the “life just gets in the way” category. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically no fishing for me since early June, and I doubt I’ll set foot in a river ’til next year. Stuff happens. I still check in here several times a week.


    Dry Fly Guy

    Five it is, and glad to have you Grsdlnr!

    Well… Who needs quantity when we have a quality group like this!

    ~ DFG



    I haven’t been around, because it’s the hunting seasons. That’s as much of a passion for me as fly fishing. I do check in now and then, but no new posts. Dry fly fishing is always going to be a small niche in fishing. If anybody started a nymph only forum i’m sure it would be very popular.

    I’ll confess I was the one who put up a stink about the pictures. It’s not really pictures in general, but just the ones from that one guy. I had watched him on the bamboo forum just flood threads with his pictures. Mostly the same ones over and over. Always with his face 2 ft from the camera. It got old. When he came here, and did the same thing with his first post I sort of lost it. To not make anymore trouble I announced I was leaving the forum, because I knew I wasn’t going to get along with Mr Pictures. I did leave, and kept checking to see what was going on in the forum. I never saw another post by Mr Pictures, so I decided if he left there was no reason for me to leave too. However, I want to say to those who feel uncomfortable about posting pictures. Please do post them. I like to see them as much as anybody. Just not from Mr Pictures.

    I would like to make a comment about what was said in the first post concerning dry fly fishing being easy. That’s usually made by a nymph fisherman, and i’m surprised to see it on this forum. I’ll agree that dry fly fishing can be easy at times. At other times it can be very difficult. It’s rare that I get to fish to rising fish feeding on the surface. It’s usually on the Frying Pan that has good hatches throughout the day. I don’t fish there that often though. It’s a 200 mile round trip for me, and that gets old to do too often. Most of the time i’m casting to spots that fish should be at, but that’s always being hopeful more then knowing for sure.

    Since we’re talking ab out dry fly fishing being easy we need something to compare it to. Naturally, that would be nymphing for me. I’ve done my fair share of nymphing before deciding to dry fly fish 100% of the time. So, i’ve done enough of both to compare. I always felt nymphing was very easy. It works year around, and doesn’t need a hatch to work. Of course dry fly fishing doesn’t need a hatch to work either, but it’s less important when nymphing. When nymphing you can use 2-3 flies to cover the whole water column. In some forms of nymphing you can use up to 5-6 flies. Some use even more. Look at the competition fly fishing tournaments. Nymphing is the chosen method, because it’s more effective. I never found that fly drag was that important in nymphing. Somewhat, but certainly not to the degree that dry fly fishing requires. The challenge of using dry flies all the time comes when conditions are completely wrong for dry flies, and you can still coax a fish to the surface to take your fly. Then you have casting. You need to cast the dry fly to small areas, and land the fly softly. This takes talent and practice. With nymphing you just flop the whole mess of weighted flies, weights, and indicator on the water. Then wait for the indicator to twitch. Sort of like bait fishing. Something any 5 year old can do. Getting a trout to take a dry fly in colored water, or in the winter when all they’re feeding on is midge nymphs is what fishing dries is all about. Can you make dries work at anytime, on any water?

    So, yes dry flies can be easy, and it can also be the most frustrating way to fish too. I also find it the most rewarding, and fun.


    Dry Fly Guy

    Six and counting!

    ~ DFG



    It’s easy for a forum like this to get in a slump. Members come to check the forum for new posts, and don’t see any, and leave. If too many do that the forum will get no new posts.If you all post something other members will do the same, and it picks up again.

    I’ve never seen a specific dry fly sub forum on fishing forums. It’s a specialized subject. Maybe starting a forum with specialized sub forums would have worked better than this one with just one form of fishing. You could have dry flies, nymphs, streamers etc as sub forums with no general sub forum. That way everybody knows what the topic should be, and you have no friction about what form of fishing you use. This would appeal to all fly fisherman, and everybody should be happy.

    Just a thought.


    Dark Waters

    Good posts Creek.

    When I get some more time I will post a few reports from fall fishing trips. It’s been slow for me here, another super low water fall.



    Absolutely agree with Creek. If you check in and don’t see recent posts you tend to move on. It’s hard to break out of that cycle. We can change that.

    One of the reasons I like this forum is because it doesn’t focus on a type of fly rod – not just fiberglass or bamboo or ultralight. Yes, dry fly does limit the conversation a bit but I don’t think as much as the narrower focus of the other forums. Have to say I really like the overall look of the DFF – very classy I think. The photos are small but I kind of like that because you don’t have to worry about file size. I’ve noticed the photos can be enlarged easily and retain high resolution.

    It was great to see some action in the Pool classified section. Looks like Rich is able to post photos now and he certainly started with two sweet rods.



    I’m making my way back here after having a bit of an off season this year. I only got out a handful of times due to moving, sickness and just plain bad weather for the first half of the year. Life has thrown a few other curve balls at me (such as my car being totaled by a deer a month ago). But nothing that can’t be overcome.

    Obviously the problem with this site is that it hasn’t had a steady influx of new members. I think there are a few things to consider…

    Most popular fly fishing websites are either regionally focused or gear focused. I don’t think this site has a foothold in either category. Whereas dry fly fishermen can go to any of the other popular forums and talk fishing or gear. They’re sort of a one-stop shopping for all your fishing discussion.

    The thing we’d need to focus on here is bringing getting traffic. “If you build it, they will come.” Keep in mind that the only way new members can find the site is by searching for specific information. Unfortunately, I doubt most fly fisherman are searching for “dry fly fishing”. They’re more likely searching for info on specific gear or maybe specific techniques. That’s why I was trying to write somewhat random reviews earlier this year. We need to ‘add value’ to the site in order to get new members. That’s where product discussions or reviews are highly valuable. DFG was doing a pretty good job of that with his detailed explanations of equipment.. silk lines, fly boxes, etc. If anything, we need more of that. It’s all about links. Also, the articles should have a clear link (or popup) to the forums. It’s possible people are reading them and not realizing they can join in on discussions.

    And gear photos never hurts, either. I often will look up images of specific reels and get linked to FFR.

    Also, I think adding tags with specific names provides even more links. But we rarely use tags here.

    Basically, IMO, it all comes down to names people search for… gear, flies, specific waters.



    Dark Waters

    More great comments from Duff and JoeFriday. We really can change it and it’s great to see people posting on the forum. Let’s keep it going.

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