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    I am not secretive…




    Scotty MacFly

    Hi friends,
    I was reading this conversation you all were having and even though I am fairly new to this forum I would like to say something if I may.
    I belong to two other forums. The NAFFF and the Colorado fishing forum. The NAFFF is a very good forum and I do enjoy it very much. They talk of all subjects of fly fishing and are very helpful and they keep it a family friendly forum which I have great respect for. It’s a huge forum, as I’m sure you all know. The people are fantastic. They have a womens forum and a forum for the Rocky Mountain region so we here in the Rockies can be our own group, but still share with others across the nation.

    The Colorado forum, well it’s ok, but I think I’m going to leave that one. There are some people on that site that I just absolutely don’t care for. These few people have no respect for anyone. When a new member from Tennessee introduces himself and has a a question, you don’t reply back with lines from the movie Deliverance! As soon as I was welcomed by the administrator I had this feeling of bad joo joo. In fact, I have made my mind up, I am done with the Colo. Fishing Forum.

    But the Dry Fly Forum, there is something special about it that everyone here has tapped into a little bit. Dark Waters mentioned that it takes the people posting good contents. And Creek, speaking of the differences of dry fly fishing that some people just don’t understand. It is a specialized subject.
    JoeFriday, you mentioned , “if you build it, they will come.” And They will.
    And you DFG, you said it all when you said, “who needs quantity when we have a quality group like this.”

    Ok, so the DFF isn’t the biggest and most popular, but it does specialize in a major topic and style of fishing. A style that I and many others grew up on and have a special place in our hearts for. Yeah, I nymph at times, and use wet flies as well, but there is something about seeing that fish rise up and take that fly, especially one that you tied. I’ll never forget the look on my sons face when he officially caught his first fish. It was on a dry, an Adams, and he hooked into an 18 inch brown on the White River. The smile it brought. I was so proud of him. The fish was returned, and the fly was attached to his hat as a special reminder of it. Good time, gooooood time.

    I will admit that the Dry Fly Forum came to me by accident. I never heard of it till I stumbled on it. And I looked around on it and got a sense of the personalities on it. This may be a small group, but it’s a group that I am very well pleased to be a part of. And it’s the people here who make it what it is. This is more than a group of people who fish with dries. The way you all relate to one another, is something I see that is rare. This is a family of fly fishers who are of a special breed.

    Dark Waters, you said maybe this forum hasn’t found it’s real voice yet, maybe not, but it needs to learn to use that voice and speak up.

    I work with a few young fly fishers who may have their Fruit of the Loom’s pulled up to their belly buttons and their belt around their knees, but they’re good kids in all, and they may love this type of forum because it can help them. I will be the first voice. If they decide to join, who knows who they will spread this forum to.

    I have found a home here. You guys rank at the very top. And I am honored to be welcomed by you all.
    Nuff said.



    Dry Fly Guy

    Thanks Terryl for the “at-a-boys” all around. I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I for one am very glad to have you with us.

    ~ DFG


    Dark Waters

    Well said Terryll, you make some very valid points.

    I visit many forums but I actively participate on very few. There is a lot to be said for the quality of people that participate here. It is a great place to learn and share our passion for dry fly fishing.

    When this topic was originally posted the forum had been very quiet for quite some time. It needed to be said and I feel like it helped spark some life back into things here.

    It’s good to see that we have added more members and there has been a more consistent flow of communication here since this thread came about.

    I hope to be fishing soon and will have more to contribute.


    Scotty MacFly

    Well the way I see it, this forum isn’t too different from NAFFF. This forum specifically is dry fly but won’t really forbid talking other styles as fishing wets.

    We still have questions brought up that’s really no different than nymphers like the topics of leaders, mono vs floro. Or even fly line its’self. Which I have noticed something on this forum that I will ask about later.

    There are many topics we can discuss that pertain to dry fly fishing. And if we get a few new members who are new to the sport, believe me, we will be busy helping them, and we may be answering the same questions many times.

    In fact, I nominate Creek to be the question & answer man. He’s short and straight to the point of matters. LOL. That man is very direct in his approach on things and I absolutely salute him on that. He was one of the main reasons I joined. His answers to things are simple, and they work. Creek and I are a lot alike there. Keeping it simple.

    No, this forum isn’t dead or dying. I think it may be coming out of it’s winter slumber and start to bloom. Only time will tell.




    I agree that it probably just goes a bit dormant in winter since many of us can’t get out and fish. We can talk about gear or misc topics, but it naturally wears a little thin when we’re battling sub zero weather and the sniffles rather than the riffles.

    It would be great to get some new personalities involved. While I really like this group, and we all get along well, I don’t want it to be same old same old all the time.

    A couple ways I can see getting some fresh blood is to post more threads about destinations (fishing reports with pics, especially) and gear reviews, and to beef up the classifieds. I’ve belonged to the Washington Fly Fishing forum for a decade, almost exclusively because their classifieds see a lot of action.

    On the other hand, I joined a forum exclusively for the Driftless Area last year and participated for a while, until I realized it was a ‘good old boys club’. Even the owner/moderator participated in razzing a member who they felt ‘didn’t fit in’, even tho I never saw the poor guy do anything wrong. The forum had a lot of helpful information, but I didn’t want to be associated with that group any more.

    But ultimately this is DFG’s forum, so we should see what he wants to do with it. So far I think it’s going well. It just needs a little more action.



    Scotty MacFly

    You’re right. It is DFG’s forum and it should be up to him. Being new here I yet to experience what this forum is like during the warmer months. I am excited to see.

    The Colo. forum seems to be the same as a ‘boy’s club’, and the fly fishing isn’t so popular for some reason. I keep hearing from people out of state here on vacations and such is, “all we see are people fly fishing.” Hmmm, weird. You’d think Colo. having such a reputation for fly fishing would have a better response for it in their forum. Then again who cares. The less people on the rivers, the more water for me to fish. Is that selfish or what?

    I’m not allowed yet to post anything in the classified section yet and I don’t think I can buy yet either. If I remember it’s 6 months from registering and other things as well. But thats fine. I joined because I like the respect you all have for each other and the knowledge shared.


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