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    Scotty MacFly

    No matter what the material is, graphite, fiberglass, or boo, what do you consider to be your favorite action for dry flies?

    I was thinking of this today fishing Boulder Creek with my Scott F2. I enjoy casting dries as much as anyone, and I like different actions as well, but never really put all my rods together and focused on it.

    I have read and heard from others that they like fast rods for dries, and some prefer slower rods. I know I liked medium to med/fast for heavy flies because I can open the loop a little more. With a fast rod, a heavy nymph rig wasn’t ideal. Probably the same for streamers. But for dries, a fast rod works, but not too fast. Then again, my Orvis Superfine Touch is great for dries and it’s a full flex rod. Not good for bead head nymphs. Then you have the Scott G2, which is said to be one of the best dry fly rods, and a real nice one at that, with it’s smooth medium action. And don’t forget the Redington Classic Trout rods. Great dry fly rods.

    So, be it fast, medium, or slow, which one do you prefer? I seem to be all over the place.



    I never bought into a fast rod for dries. Good med action rods throw tight loops too, and do it a lot easier.

    At one time I would have said I prefer cane. Now i’ve grown to love glass, and it’s all I use now. It’s magic on creeks for how easy it loads, but even the longer rods cast better for me than plastic, or cane.

    I know I took a detour when I bought the Hardy Zenith, but I realized it fast, and when I bought an 8 1/2′ 5wt glass rod I knew how wrong the Zenith was for me.


    Scotty MacFly

    The 8 1/2′ 5wt, that’s the Greywolf right? Fiberglass is fun, no doubt. I’m hooked on them. The fastest rod I have is the Scott Radian, and I like it because it’s not too fast. But it’s the fastest I think I’ll go. My go to rods are med/fast. That’s what I fish with the most. Most of my rods are graphite, but I think that’s going to change. Fiberglass is fun, and durable. But I can’t spend the money right now due to my boo rod order.



    If you want to experiment with glass for creeks. Cabelas has the CGR rods on sale for $69 right now. It’s like stealing. The rod is amazingly good looking and casting for 4 times that price. Try the 7′ 4/5wt, and use a peach 5wt DT line. Just magic on creeks with a furled leader.


    Scotty MacFly

    Thanks Creek! Always wondered about the CGR rods, and even at full price they seemed like a good deal. After I signed off last night, I looked at rods by Greywolf and Chris Lantzy, just to soothe my intrigue. Both very good makers in their craft. Maybe after Chis builds my boo, I may ask him about a fiberglass rod. The Greywolf rods are very good from what I understand, but I don’t know if I care for the natural color, it’s a little too shiny for me. Chris’s fiberglass rods are a honey color, which I don’t mind.

    Here we are supposed to be talking about favorite action of a rod and not materials, and somehow it got switched. LMAO!



    It really depends on the situation – tossing a #8 hopper on a windy Wyoming afternoon is very different from a dead-calm evening casting #20 spinners to picky PA spring creek trout. For the former a fairly quick (for bamboo) action like (think Phillipson Dry Fly Special) is preferable while in the latter case a medium-soft Payne 100 taper is a delight.

    Of course, one man’s fast is another’s medium. I can say that truly stiff, fast graphite rods aren’t my choice.


    Dry Fly Guy

    I think there is also a difference between rods I prefer to fish and those that are the most efficient at a given task.

    For myself, I think I have to admit that a “fast” rod that suits me well MAY be the best tool for the job as far as my fishing is concerned. However, I do not like the constraints it places on me when casting (precise timing, etc). So I actually prefer a slower rod. A Dickerson 6611 taper is one rod that I absolutely loved to fish, and that many found to be somewhat “whippy”. Especially for a 6’6″ rod. My son never could come to terms with that rod (he fishes fast graphite). The little Scott F2 602 is another example. Loved to use that rod. But probably not the most efficient tool I could have chosen (but surprisingly capable to my mind).

    So slower is my preference, but I think I’d still say a faster action is likely to be a “more efficient” tool for dry fly fishing. But that’s a generalization… and we all know what that means!

    ~ DFG


    Scotty MacFly

    Nice save guys. After reading all this, it seems, and I agree with you all, that fast rods do have their place as a specific tool. And I will also agree with you both, that for I as well, don’t prefer the faster rods, like Sage fast. It is a timing issue. I think I tend to like medium to med/fast the best.

    By the way, good to hear from you DFG.


    Dark Waters

    Scotty, alot of your off topic posts lately seem very on topic.. great question.

    As my tastes from just a year ago have slowed this year, i would say medium to medium fast bamboo. Ive pretty much got my small stream preferences dialed in between 2 rods. One a 3wt with dt3 and one 4 wt with tt4. The difference being more in the tapers for the rods depending on which i’d choose. Still trying to figure out what to do with the rest.

    Which F2 do you have? Ive been thinking long and hard about the 6′ 2wt and the new 7’2″ 4 piece for hiking/camping and hot weather. I also have a 7’6″ t&t heirloom blank thats taking me forever to build.


    Scotty MacFly

    DW, I don’t know about my topics being on topic, they’re just things that pop into my head while I’m fishing. Things that I observe as I fish. I’m not new to fly fishing, but there are things I am noticing and wondering about more often these days. I’m curious to know is it just me, or are others more in tune to this sport noticing, or have noticed these things I am encountering recently. I do notice I am venturing out and experimenting with different lines and things, which is good, but regretfully, I wish I did this years ago. If I did, I’d be closer to the same level of expertise as you all I’m sure. I mean that as a compliment.

    And as you said about different tapers goes with the thread I did about a perfect rod. I truly believe matching a rod with a line that has a certain taper brings out the best in a rod. And who knows what that taper is till you put it on the reel and cast it.

    As for the Scott F2, I own the 7′ 3wt. I was wanting the 6’6″, but they didn’t have one so I tested the 7′ rod and liked it very much, so I got that instead. I’ve always wanted a T&T Heirloom. I hope it works good for you.

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