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    Title says it all.

    Hope many years are to come.


    Dry Fly Guy

    Thanks msbfly! (It’s been pretty quiet around here as of late though.)

    ~ DFG



    I guess everyone is fishing!!???

    I know I have been. I have been getting high in the mountains to escape the heat!

    Sorry for the late Birthday wishes.


    Dark Waters

    Happy Birthday to the forum!

    I have not been fishing as much as I’d like to be. I got out on Sunday without a whole lot to show for it but I did get to mess with the trout. Only landed one small wild brown and had several other near misses, etc. Enough to keep my interest.



    Yes a belated happy birthday from central Oregon fly fishing for red back trout indigenous to central Oregon .. (While I still have WIFI service ) .. Midges and scuds are the patterns of the day …




    I would hope most of us have been too busy fishing to talk about which way our rods go into the case, tackle in general, and all the other fun stuff we discussed over the winter. I know I have. I will have trip reports, but they’re so picture-heavy I will just link to my blog if I ever get the time to load them and update the thing! I’ve been fishing for 35 out of the last 45 days on 11 different waters! Idaho and Montana. Its been epic! The best in years. Hope this forum can grow some more and we can find some more dry fly guys and gals.



    happy belated, DFF.

    Life has been intruding on my fishing a lot this season. But things are settling down and I might get out a few times in the coming weeks. *keeping fingers crossed*


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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