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    Hello all I live close to the poudre and have cables cgr 4/5 at I want to learn how to fly fishing so I can teach my boys


    Scotty MacFly

    Welcome to the forum Bat Fly. It’s a small forum, but between the few of us, I think we can help you, and help you teach your boys. It’s good for a dad to want to teach their kids about this sport.

    The Poudre is the Cache La Poudre? Ft. Collins? If it is, then son of a gun, that’s a river I fish often. And if it is, then a big welcome to another Coloradan.

    The CGR rod is a wonderful rod. We have another member here who has one as well, and he likes it quite well.

    Ask away any questions you have, and we will do our best to help get you started. I trust you are interested in dry fly? I hope so, because there’s nothing like it. There are no stupid questions, so don’t be afraid to ask.

    And I hope you stay awhile. This is a very small forum, a specific forum, but we are flexible. I think whats best about this forum when it comes to new people in this sport is, you won’t get so many different opinions to make your head spin. We like to keep things simple here.

    Again, welcome.



    Thank you I do in Frot Collins and close to the poudre. So I figured to start with dry fly fishing learning the this way first. So to start things what would be a good line for my cgr.

    Thank you


    Scotty MacFly

    As for line, try Cortland Classic 444 Peach. Its great for fiberglass and bamboo. Also there is Scientific Anglers Ultra Heritage.
    And the really good thing about these lines are they are only half the price of the other popular brands.

    Being on the Poudre, I would use the weight forward in a 5 weight line.

    We have a member here who has that same rod. I’m sure he could give you better advice than I on what weight line to use or if you should use a double taper line instead of a weight forward.

    The best advice I ever got was to keep it simple. And I agree with that. Fly fishing should be a time that you can get out and not have to think too much about anything. It should just be fun, whether you catch a fish or not.

    Since you are new to this, it takes awhile to understand what you need to do and how to do it. You will get frustrated, and want to give up. Don’t.
    Keep with it, learn what you can on the water and on this forum too. Sooner or later you will catch your first fish, and you’ll notice where it was, either behind a rock, the outside of a seam, whatever, and things will start to click in your head, and you’ll take notice of it.

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    Scotty MacFly

    Hey bat-fly, here’s a video of a fishing legend. He’s fishing with wet flies ( which to me is almost as fun as dry flies )and the techniques he is using is a lot like what I use when fishing dries.

    Listen closely to what he says on each style. But it’s the casting upstream way that’s the most fun, and you’re working at it all the time. It’s the across and downstream that’s not really the way to fish, and he explains why.




    Thank you Scotty what were those books that he was talking. So i work in boulder and dive by the Thompson river would cgr handle this



    Hello, The_bat_fly! Welcome to the forum. :)


    Scotty MacFly

    Bat-fly, Wow, you were listening! The books Oliver refers to are I believe to be:

    The Practical Angler by W.C. Stewart.
    Dry Fly Fishing by F.M. Halford
    Brook and River Trouting by Hairfield H. Edmonds, and Norman N. Lee

    North Country Flies by T.E. Pritt may be put in there as well.

    Maybe when Creek gets back from hunting bear, he could tell you for sure. He is a wealth of knowledge here on the forum.

    I do know The Practical Angler is one of them. They are all old books, written by anglers from Great Britain. This is a great book, and a must read. Some people say to take the information in these books with a grain of salt, because things have changed over the years, but I say since these tactics worked back then, they will still work today, and they do work.
    It was my grandfather who, him and my grandmother, both from Scotland, he taught me the ways of Stewart. All he fished with were wet and dry flies. He didn’t like nymphing because it would become hypnotic just flinging your fly up and across and lead it down stream. It was the same thing every cast, and I find the same in it. But upstream dry fly fishing, you’re always working at something, basically line control.



    The grain of salt is what Oliver said too with the upstream but that only way how caught anything by using the upstream cast. And with line to rod measurement. Do happen to any more videos?

    Thank you again


    Scotty MacFly

    Bat-fly, here’s another video you might like to watch from Oliver. Big Dries for Fast Water.

    Now keep in mind, what some people refer to fast water is a matter of opinion. What Mr. Edwards is fishing isn’t like the fast water we have here.

    Also, I am including another video of a fellow I watch, who is fishing fast water like ours with dries.



    Scotty MacFly

    Bat-fly, I just have to add one more. This one’s from America, by Tom Rosenbauer. It’s more educational.

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