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    Scotty MacFly

    I need to clean out my garage. And the problem is I have my grandfathers boat. Just a regular fishing boat like in the movie Grumpy Old Men. It’s old and I don’t think it even floats anymore. It has a flat wooden bottom, but the inside is aluminum. The trailer is falling apart and isn’t worth anything. It’s a home made trailer.

    How can I get rid of it, a junk yard?



    Not sure if you have an online ‘kijiji’ forum or some such (usually free) in your area, but it has been my experience that just about anyone’s junk is someone else’s treasure. The trailer wheels might be worth something to someone, and possibly the aluminum is worth something at a metal recycler. Post it on the relevant section and offer it for free. (alternatively, I’ve sometimes found that its easier to sell something for a ridiculously low price ($25) than to give it away. Make it free, and people might just think its junk (which it is, in your opinion). Worth a try, anyway. Saves you trying to find a way to haul it to the dump.
    Here’s another insight: I’ve got a buddy who had an old bicycle at the end of his lane with a ‘free’ sign on it. Stayed there for a couple weeks. He replaced the sign with a $20 sign; it was ‘stolen’ the second night.


    Scotty MacFly

    The bike story has me laughing Brent. I wouldn’t say the boat is junk. There’s a neat story behind the boat and how my grandfather got the thing.

    It was designed and built by a man from Russia who escaped Russia in a coffin in WWII. He ended up in Scotland where he built it. He was on one of the lochs when the local game wardens chased him on the water, but this little boat was too fast because of the way it’s designed. He got to shore and escaped, but the boat was confiscated. No one had ever seen a boat like this, and they held a contest to see if anyone could tip it over. The boat has two aluminum air chambers, one on each side. The boat was unsinkable. They offered I believe 50 pounds to anyone who could tip it by standing on the edge and rocking the boat. That was a lot of money back then. They probably knew no one could tip it, so that’s probably why the prize was so much. No one could. After all that, they raffled it off, and now here it sits.

    If I lived in an area like the Great Lakes area, where there are museums that have things like this, I’d offer it. I’m tempted to drag it to the pond behind me just to see if it doesn’t leak. But one of the air tanks has a hole in it, but that doesn’t matter.

    Maybe I should put it on the water and set fire to it like the Vikings did. That would be somewhat fitting.



    I always wanted an old worn-out drift boat filled with dirt for a planter in the yard somewhere. I have an acre “yard.” Maybe you could find someone who would use it as some kind of decor. People do worse with old cars, old farm equipment, old tractors, and other “junk.” Got a picture?



    Park it in front of your house with a FREE sign on it.


    Scotty MacFly

    It may come to that, after I fix the flat tires on the trailer. LOL. I’d have a few weeks for it to disappear before the HOA gets involved.

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