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    I was looking at my fly box with the intention of transferring the flies from an old C&F to a new one. I seem to be as finicky about my boxes as trout are about flies.

    But seeing the amount of flies that I carry on the water at any time got me to wondering the value. I added it up and figured out that I keep about $400 worth (at retail value) of flies in my pocket. I suppose that’s no big deal considering the investment I have in rods, reels, waders, etc. But it kinda surprised me when I thought about it.



    Dry Fly Guy

    You carry a lot more flies, or pay a lot more for them than I do! Then again….. Tying my own these days… I’ve got more than that invested in all the fur, feathers, thread, hooks, and tools! It is surprising how fast things add up!

    ~ DFG



    I figured the value based on $1.50 a fly since that what they usually cost in a shop. I haven’t done any tying in a few years, but I probably pay about 60 cents per fly on average. Even at that, I paid a couple hundred for those flies. That’s why I write my name an phone number on my fly box in indelible ink. I haven’t lost one yet, but it’s reassuring to know I might get it back if I do.


    Scotty MacFly

    During the winter I tied enough that I should be good for a few years. Just the Adams I probably tied enough to cost me $200 if I was to buy them. The rest, I don’t know, but it would be hundreds of dollars. I guess we never really think about the flies much. If I were to lose a box of flies, I’d be upset, but not like I would be if I broke my rod, because I only need to use less than $10 worth of flies when I do fish, but a rod can be $500 at once if broke.



    I don’t carry anywhere near that many. Probably less than $100 at shop prices. I think that’s too many. I find myself only using half of them.

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