It's Spring time in the Rockies!

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    Scotty MacFly

    This is how I can tell it’s spring. The water in the Cache’ La Poudre was tinged with a tea stain color. You could still see through the water, but it’s definitely stained. But that’s not how I know it’s spring. The fishermen and ladies were out today in full force, nymphing stoneflies I’m sure. Lots of guides out as well helping and teaching how to nymph.
    Question, is that all guides know how to do, because every time I run into a guide with a client, they’re nymphing.

    Anyway, the water is rising and it’s cold. And I was fishing dries in the shallow surfaces where the water would be a little warmer searching for anything that would hit. I did have a small trout come completely out of the water in front of me, but it wasn’t paying me any mind.

    But here’s how I know it’s spring, because in the Poudre, during late fall when the water level is dropping, the slime on the rocks dry up. Now that it’s spring and the water is rising, the water is washing all the slime down stream. This stuff can really test your patience because it clings to your line and will drag your flies under and then your flies get covered in the stuff. All the floatant in the world won’t help you when this happens.

    The good thing is after run off the river should be sparkling clean for awhile. But for now, I am at a lost because I spent as much time cleaning off my line as I was fishing.

    Any of you have the same problem? If you do, how do you cope?



    …is that all guides know how to do, because every time I run into a guide with a client, they’re nymphing.

    Guides get paid to put their clients on to fish so we can’t blame them for going with a higher percentage method. Especially with inexperienced fishermen.

    Now what do you mean by slime? Not didymo a/k/a rock snot I hope. That stuff’s awful.



    Looks more like chocolate milk here. Pretty early for runoff to be showing up.


    Scotty MacFly

    Grs, I get the guide thing by putting clients onto fish and using nymphs. And with nymphs and beginners who may not know how to cast very well, it’s probably the safe way for all and effective so all are happy.

    As for the slime, yep, rock snot. The mid to upper part of the river gets a ton of it built up every year. Come late summer into fall it can be suicide wading. Down below in the mouth of the canyon it isn’t bad.

    It is early for run off Creek, and as warm as it has been, maybe it’ll end early then I can fish the smaller waters with my 3wts during the rafting season. Still hoping for no more floods. I guess we’ll see in a few months.

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