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    Scotty MacFly

    Do any of you fish with furled leaders? I do, and I prefer them. My question is I have read and heard that you should put stiff or thicker mono, about 6 to 8 inches if I remember correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong on that, between the fly line and furled leader.

    I can’t figure out what pound test line to use that would work? I found some 20 lb test in the garage yesterday, would that work? I haven’t used mono between the main line and leader, but I hear it helps turn the fly over easier.



    I used furled leaders on and off for a few years. I never heard of putting mono in front of them. But my leaders had a mono line braided into them so it wouldn’t have been necessary. I could see the value of it if the leaders were all uni-thread.

    I quit using the furled leaders because they hit the water too hard on my spring creeks and tended to spray when lifted off. That would put put fish down immediately in most situations. Maybe uni-thread versions wouldn’t do that as much.

    How do you transition from line to leader… with loops or nail knots? I’ve always used loops. Some people say it hinges when casting. Maybe, but not enough in my case to outweigh the benefit of quick leader change.




    Scotty………I use loops to connect to line on furled leaders. If the line doesn’t have a loop I nail knot the leader on.

    I believe the mono you’re talking about goes between the leader and tippet. That’s for furled leader with loops at the tippet end. Like Blue Sky. I don’t like those, because they’re mono furled leaders which are too stiff and still have some memory. I use the thread furled leaders with tippet rings to tie on the tippet.The leaders I buy are treated and guaranteed to float for the life of the leader. They do too.

    Brett…….I’m surprised to hear you say that. My flies land very soft with furled leaders. I also thought they lifted off with no more spray than mono leaders. Although I haven’t used a mono leader is so long it’s hard to remember.

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    Scotty MacFly

    First, I have used Blue Sky because I can get them at Cabelas. But Cutthroat Leaders I found out are at Elk Horn fly shop in Loveland. They are uni thread & I want to try them. Blue Sky is a little stiff I agree, so I want something different.

    Watch this show, Zac talks about different styles of leaders and how to set them up. You can jump to the 9:30 mark and this is where he speaks of furled leaders with a piece of momo between the fly line and furled leader.

    I have seen something where when you tie the mono to the furled leader and fly line, and bend it, it should be a nice round bend, not a kink.



    That’s what you do with a mono tapered leader. It will bend the same as the line if the butt section is the right diameter.

    A piece of mono will always be stiffer than a thread furled leader which is very limp.

    I use these leaders.


    Scotty MacFly

    I have seen Zen Outfitters web site. I may have to order them because I have never seen them in any store.

    You’re right Creek, I got confused. You do want each piece of the leader to have a nice rounded bend to transfer the power in a tapered leader.

    And I guess a piece of mono would be stiffer than a furled leader made of UNI-thread. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

    Thank you.

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