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    I just bought the rod in this link. It’s rare that i’ll buy a plastic rod, but this type of rod is an exception. It’s a custom built on an old new stock Fisher blank. If you’re old enough you’ll remember how sweet the Fisher rods were. I smooth med action perfect for dries.

    Fisher made the original blanks for the Winston IM6. He also made blanks for other companies. Some think the original Orvis Far and Fine rod was a Fisher blank before Orvis started to make their own planks. Fisher made blanks for Hardy too.

    Anyway, have a look.

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    Spectator response at all. A fisher is one of if not the best blanks ever made. It’s the original IM6 Winston that Tom Morgan bragged about. It’s built by John Rivera who builds beautiful bamboo, glass, and graphite rods. It’s a perfect dry fly rod and you guys just ignore my thread.

    Pretty disappointing.



    Not ignoring you Creek.

    I’m familiar with Fisher – have a 20+ year old 9′ 5 wt built on a Fisher blank. Fine rod but I rarely use it anymore because it’s a 2-pc – it’s not airline friendly and most (too much) of my fishing requires getting on a plane.


    Dark Waters

    I really like the wraps on it.

    The Winston Fisher glass rod I posted about 2 months ago is one of the best fishing rods I’ve ever had. I really really like it. The cloth pattern in the two rods looks the same. Wonder if your rod is graphite with the same phenolic resin they used in the glass rods at the time? Probably?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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