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    Hi everyone! I just registered here, after lurking a few months. I want to the extend my thanks for the info on here.

    Most of my fly fishing the previous years had been nymphing, except for small brook trout streams. But I realized lobbing nymphs all day wasn’t as fun as actually casting, and fooling fish on top.

    But, my New Years resolution was to fish more dries. Which quickly evolved into fish only dries.

    I haven’t had much free time on the few nicer days we’ve had, but I did get out yesterday and managed a small trout on a sz22 bwo one of our limestone streams.

    I look forward to conversing with everyone on here.



    Dry Fly Guy

    Welcome Steve!

    Great to have you here, and glad to read that you’ve evolved to the “higher” form of fly fishing.

    ~ DFG



    Always good to see another dry fly fan. Welcome.



    hi Steve. Nice to have you join us. Where are you from, and where do you get to fish?




    I live in Mechanicsburg PA, so I’m right by the Letort, Yellow Breeches, and Big Spring. Besides the local limestoners I like to travel around and check out other water. I’m looking to fish some Maryland streams this year too. I’m fortunate that I have a ton of great water around me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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