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    Hi everybody, my name is Massimo and I’m Italian, am a new member of the forum.
    I use only dry fly through Italian Casting Style, so I hope to share with you many threads.

    Massimo Magliocco



    Welcome to the forum. We’re a small group, but very passionate for dry flies.

    Feel free to post whatever is on your mind. What is the Italian casting style? I should know that since i’m Italian decent. My grandparents on both sides came over to the US from Italy.



    Hi Creek, thank you.
    I know many American have Italian descent especially from South Italy. Anyway, in Italy there are many American that live here for many years.
    The Italian casting style is an old technique originated for dry fly fishing especially in fast waters and bushy banks, take a look here this is my British website in which is explained our technique.


    Scotty MacFly

    Hello Massimo, and welcome. I glanced at your website for a minute and it looks interesting. It’s good to have someone from the other side of the world with us. I’m very interested in hearing more about this Italian casting because I too have not heard of it till now. I don’t know if I’ll adapt to it, but it does sound intriguing.

    So please feel welcome to share, and even though we are a small forum, this is a good respectful and friendly place to be.



    Benvenuto, Massimo.



    Thanks to everybody for your warm welcome. The Italian style of casting makes very narrow loops because we don’t make any stops in the back cast and nor in forward cast but we take advantage from a very long casting stroke. This allow us to be very precise and to manage our line in all situations especially in fast water.



    Scotty MacFly

    Ok, you got my total attention when you said “fast water”.

    No stops in the forward & back cast? I’m having a hard time with picturing that in my mind. I see it as like a beginner trying to learn to cast, but it looks as though he is trying to swat flies.

    I have to see this in action so I fully understand Italian casting.

    Forgive me, I’m Scottish. Lol! 😀



    Go to his web site and watch a video Scotty.

    I notice a pattern with you. You never click on links that are posted.



    How can I put a PDF ? Better than many explanations can be to read a my article written for American Anglers last year.

    Meanwhile take a look here:
    Let me know if it is possible thanks.



    Scotty MacFly

    Massimo, I finally had time to watch your web on the Italian casting. WOW! That is beautiful casting, not at all like I pictured in my mind.

    I have not yet seen the other two links you added, but I will get to them when I have a little more time tonight or this weekend.

    I never seen a wrap around grip before, and the different ways you work the line in your left hand is amazing when you are hauling continuously. The different styles of casting as well I found to be really unique, like the anchored cast. I like how it’s a continuous motion and how it flows. It looks like something I’d rather do than a normal boring roll cast.

    Oh the many things I can learn from you is staggering. I did notice how you extend the arm when releasing the fly line. I have noticed on my shorter rods, the rods in the 7 to 7’6″ length, I do that as well, but on my 9′ rods I don’t. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

    Massimo, you are truly a very skilled caster. I only know a few different casts that work for the situations I get myself into, and when I saw that undertip cast to get under tree branches I thought to myself, “this isn’t that difficult to figure out dummy!” I normally would go for the bow & arrow cast to get under vegetation, and there you are throwing it in there like a professional baseball player.

    You blew my mind sir.



    Hi Scotty, thank you so much for your kind words. The other two links are the videos that you have probably seen, they are also on youtube.
    Anyway, many rivers in Italy have fast waters and bushy banks, so when the fathers of the Italian Style decided to fish also in fast water and not just in calmer ones, they started thinking what were the best ways to cast there.
    1) shorten the rods
    2) use lighter lines
    3) use a longer leaders
    Through these equipment they had more possibility to achieve their goals, but this was not enough, they needed to find a casting style that satisfied this needs.

    In June I will be attend the Scottish Game fair if you will come we can meet and I can show you the style.
    Anyway, I founded a branch of my fly casting school in the UK about ICS, the FFM UK.



    All the waters I fish here in Colorado are fast. Sometimes way too fast to fish. (runoff)

    I didn’t see you fishing what i’d call fast in the one video of yours I watched. Do you have one in what you’re calling fast?


    Scotty MacFly

    I would love to come and watch you at the Scottish games, but there’s one small problem. I also, like Creek, live in Colorado. It is funny that you mentioned the Scottish games, because the next town over is having their annual Tartan Day this weekend. So I will be at that wearing the traditional rig. I really would rather go fishing, it’s a beautiful day and tomorrow is to be not so nice the last I heard.

    This morning I realized that when casting the way you do Massimo, there is so much consistent movement at such high speed. It is definitely an art of casting. My question is, how does one figure out these different casting styles? And also, with the shorter rods being used on fast water, and the meaning of the words “faster water” is only relevant here because I have watched videos about fishing fast waters in the UK and they are not even close to what we have here in the Rocky Mountains. I know the upper Tee’s River is very similar to much of our rivers here, but that’s pretty much all I am aware of. But again, with using shorter rods in faster water, does the action of the rod play a part in Italian fishing? Do you prefer fast, medium, or slower action rods?

    Creek found a small video about how our waters look at run off time, does your rivers look like this as well?

    This is the biggest river closest to me that I fish. It’s the Cache’ La Poudre.

    But mostly what I fish are the creeks because on the Poudre in the summer there are too many rafters getting in the way unless I go above them. Here is what I mostly fish and these streams are in my area.

    I have seen different videos on casting with many famous casters like Lefty Kreh, and his technique, though different than others, is still basic text book casting, only he uses his body more to throw the line. And the others are pretty much the same doing the same casts with the same form. You are a little different and I really can not put my finger on just what it is that makes you unique. As for me, I am a simple fisherman who has a limited style that works for me. My grand father taught me to fish a certain style and that’s what I have basically done. I have branched out and tried other ways of fly fishing, but I have come back to my beginnings because it brings me my most pleasure. I guess you can say that I am in my comfort zone. That’s the politically correct way of saying, I am in a rutt. But I can see how some of your casts could help me become more versatile in some situations like the undertip cast.

    If I thought long enough, I can come up with 100 questions, but I don’t want to bore you or take this thread over.

    Oh, and one more thing, I have seen some of your you tube videos. I knew your name was familiar, and when I saw you I knew for sure.



    Just like Scotty. I love creek fishing and the reason I took Creek as a name. I love the complete solitude in the Colorado Rockies. The same areas that I hunt for elk, deer, and bears. I love the mountains.

    I’ve lost all desire for fishing popular waters that are full of idiots who only want to catch big fish and will shove anybody in their way to do it. I never run into anybody on my creeks. Perfect.

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