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    Scotty MacFly

    I was able to take my new bamboo out yesterday and put it to use. I went to the S. Saint Vrain above Lyons basically to just get the feel of the rod and to know it’s capabilities.

    I’m waiting for a reel to be delivered, so I just grabbed my DT line from Rio and away I went. The water was low, so I just wet waded and fished behind rocks and channels.
    As I was casting, it seemed I had to work too hard to cast it the way I wanted. When I cast and my shoulder starts to hurt, that’s a sign telling me I have the wrong line. Just by chance, I had a reel lined with the SA Heritage in a 5wt in the truck for my CGR rod. I changed the reels and started fishing again. Man, what a small change can do. This rod came to life. Casting was so easy, short to long, I was able to place my fly anywhere I wanted. There’s a boulder with a little bit of water between it and the bank that was a foot wide. I nailed it every time and for my reward I pulled out a small 8″ brown. This rod has a laser.

    Roll casts have always given me problems with certain rods, but this rod will roll cast so smoothly, I just roll casted over and over again to see if it was really happening. The rod is not a hollow built rod, but it’s still light enough that I can fish it all day without getting tired.

    I caught plenty of fish, but nothing in size to really test the rod. But feeling the rod, I have the feeling it may handle the bigger waters like the Big Thompson and maybe the Poudre in some spots. For the brookie and cutthroat waters I fish, it would be too much. It does feel like my 8’6″ 4wt Classic Trout.

    All in all, I am very happy with this rod. And when my reel arrives, I will place on it the 444 Classic Peach. The way this rod feels, I do believe there will be more fiber ( bamboo ) in my diet. I think it’s time I sell some graphite rods.

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    You have started down a slippery slope. Enjoy the ride!


    Dark Waters

    That sounds like great fun! It was a real eye opener for me once I started to see how easy it was to put the fly where I wanted, throw smooth loops, and fish as close as I wanted.. and the feel… both the cast and a hooked fish.. There’s just nothing like it, especially for dry fly fishers.

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