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    Scotty MacFly

    I was introduced to some new water in the IPWA yesterday by our Associate Pastor. He’s pretty new to fly fishing, but does very well on his own, and he does know where to go, that’s for sure.

    I was taken to a creek in the IPWA above Nederland called the Hessie trail head. It was an extremely beautiful area and the creek was dry fly heaven. I used a size 14 Delaware Adams and couldn’t keep the fish off. This water is abundant with brookies and cutthroats. The fish fought majestically and the colors of these little gems were brilliant. It looks like the brookies are getting their fall colors already seeing that some had very orange bellies. Some of the fish I caught were 12 inches, but most were around 10.They really put a bend in my 3wt. The quantity of fish was astounding, especially in the higher elevation where the grade of the creek was steeper and faster with lots of pockets that held so many fish. I found a small pocket no bigger than a tv stand that I had pulled 6 fish out of. Like I said, the fish weren’t very big, but they were beautiful specimens. They were definitely fat and plenty.
    I know that right now is terrestrial time, but the Delaware Adams did so well, there was no need to change, and I really didn’t want to. If it aint broke, don’t fix it, right? Besides, the Delaware Adams has been working very well for me no matter where I fish it, it has become my favorite fly and pretty much has beaten all my other flies.
    I did notice that this area is popular with day hikers, but just like the Wild Basin, no one fishes and the trails are way off, so it’s only you and the fish, and the moose and bears. There were more signs on the banks of the creek of animals than people. Just the way I like it.



    Sounds like fun Scotty.



    Enjoy it while you can. How long does your fishing season last? Ours ends in 6 weeks.




    We can fish all year here. No seasons.

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