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    Scotty MacFly

    I took the day off yesterday and went to the river. I started at a place where it’s pretty well known, and worked my way upstream to where the river bows in and makes a deep long run, and that’s pretty much where I end up on this section. Except not this time. The day was still young and I went up farther and found a section you can’t see from the road. What a beautiful area I was in. The temp was in the high 70’s, sun was bright, the foliage is beginning to change, and the water was nice. I was glad to be there taking it all in.
    As I went upstream some more, I found a tributary of about 30′ across and with quite a bit of water flowing through. I was intrigued by it. Boulder Creek and Saint Vrain Creek is roughly the same size, but they are trickling with water while this creek was moving pretty good. So I went in.

    Right from the beginning I was awestruck by the scenery. It was rugged, in a small gorge with trees and rocky edges. The creek was filled with pocket water, runs and pools. Everything I could ask for was there. It didn’t take me long to find my first fish, a 10″ brown. I thought not bad for this creek, so I kept going in. I only went in for maybe 100 yards because it was getting late, and I thought if something was to happen, no one knew where I was, and getting out of there before dark was a good idea, especially since I was unfamiliar with the area. But while I was in there, let me say it is a brown trout haven, and some were really nice sized. I felt like this was an undiscovered creek and I was the first to fish it. Well, a person can dream can’t he?

    I don’t know how many fish I brought up, I was too carried away by the whole surrounding of it all. But the next time I hit the river, I’m starting there at the creek. I want to see what’s in there, and what holds in store for me. It did appear that it may open up into a valley or meadow farther in, but I’ll know for sure the next time I go.


    Scotty MacFly

    I was able to go back to the tributary today. It’s the South Fork of the Poudre. I went in about a mile and was astonished at the scenery. I really need to get a camera and learn to post pics.

    The water is lowering, and the fish are getting harder to find and/or bring to the surface. They’re tucked under rocks or in deep runs, but I managed to bring a few up. There were lots of birds in there I noticed, and it was kind of nice to watch them. The only sound was the rolling of the water, and it sure beats the sound of the traffic next to the Poudre. There wasn’t another soul in that area that I was in. My wife is starting to worry about me going into areas like that, and after today, there’s good reason.

    This time of year, the colors of everything are beginning to change into bright, brilliant vivid colors, and the fish are not excluded. The browns and brookies are spectacular now. I finally was able to spool up the Cortland Classic Peach Creek advised me to use, and I am in awe of how it casts with my boo. Thank you Creek, it made fishing even more pleasurable. It was definitely combat style fishing where a few casts to an area were all I did, then I moved to the next spot. Trying to get a dragless drift was difficult at times, so I had to re-position myself a few times to get a drift that would work. Sometimes I swore a fish would surface, but no, they were playing hide and seek very well. I kept going in deeper till I saw signs of other wild life, such as deer tracks and bear scat. That didn’t bother me at all, but what did get me nervous was the lion tracks I found stream side that were pretty fresh. I’d say within a few hours of my arrival. I started looking behind me while fishing more now, and it kind of got my adrenaline going a little. But after awhile I decided to leave, because if this cat was around, I didn’t need to be tangling with it. And besides, they like to sneak up from behind.

    I will return to this area, next year I’m sure. But I’m going in loaded.


    Dark Waters

    Sounds like you need back up Scotty.

    It also sounds like a wonderful place!

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