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    I still don’t have a good understanding on exactly pockets of water,and how it looks when you find that particular area? And where do guys recommend to cast the fly?


    Scotty MacFly

    Do you mean pocket water? If so, living close to the Poudre like you do, you can find pocket water pretty much anywhere on it.

    Pocket water is areas of slower water formed by obstructions in the river, such as rocks. Here’s a wonderful little article describing pocket water and great photo of some as well.

    This is my favorite type of water to fish. Rocks create slicks of water behind them making slower “pockets” of water where fish can hold in not using much energy waiting for food to come floating on by ready to be ambushed. Not all rocks hold fish, but fishing these types of water is like, if you’ll pardon the expression, it’s like a box of chocolates. It’s well oxygenated water, and fish like that. Fish will either hold themselves behind the rocks, generally where the seams going around both sides of the rock meet again behind it, or on either side of the seams. Fish can also be found at times in front of rocks because the water in front hitting the rocks creates a pillow where fish can lay.

    Our freestone waters are filled with such areas, and they are great places for beginners to try. Just be careful wading in those areas, they can be a little dangerous at times. But some areas of pocket water can be easy to wade through as well creating some really fun fishing.


    Scotty MacFly

    Bat-fly, since your new to fly fishing in general, and living in CO., here’s a little 16 minute video you may not ( or may have ) seen. It’s done by the guys here at my local fly shop, and it’s pretty well done and educational. Most of all, it’s pretty simple. You can do the same thing these guys are doing with dries, or nymphs. But since this is the Dry Fly Forum, let us stick with dries.

    Here’s a good article that popped up on my phone this morning I thought you may like.


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