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    Scotty MacFly

    I finally made it out. I decided to try the St. Vrain in downtown Lyons to see what has been changed by the flood of 2013 and see how it has been rebuilt.

    It was in the mid 70’s today, clouds here and there coming through, and it seemed like a great time for some BWO action. So off I went with bamboo in hand and a semi smile on my face. Everyone was out today driving around, especially the Harley riders. Hey, do you guys know what doesn’t mix well? The sound of a creek and a bunch of Harley’s going buy. But there was two young men and a young woman along with a guitar and a dobro and she played the upright bass. They were down by the water playing and there is nothing better than acoustic instruments on the water. I brought my acoustic rod. They were very pleasant people. We admired each others tools of the trade.

    I walked down stream a ways to where the trees made a canopy, and on my way there I couldn’t help notice the change in this creek. The trees where shade was plentiful were gone, but replaced by saplings. Lyons is really trying to bring this area back, and I must applaud them for what they have done. The creek has more structure, but more for kayaks than anything, but still, the fish are there. I got down to where I wanted to start, and tied on spiders because for some strange reason, bwo’s didn’t feel good now. The water was mostly half way to my knee, and clear. I did everything I could with spiders, but not one looker. The areas that used to hold fish are gone, but new areas were there with different details that changed my approach today than the times before. Shoreline vegetation is gone, and replaced with rock. It’s going to be not so much of a change in strategy, but the overgrown grass that was super for casting flying ants near the bank will not be the same. I know it will still work, but not having the natural growth there now will get some getting used to. It used to be thick with trees.

    I made it half way to the truck and though what I should be doing is working my way downstream casting up and across, but too late for that now. I arrived at some man made pools and a fellow fisherman showed up. We talked and he was having great success using nymphs with a indicator. I wasn’t getting anything to rise to my spiders, and did remind myself that no fish were rising at all, anywhere. The gentleman offered me a bead head pheasant tail, but I was having too much fun getting re-acquainted with just casting my bamboo. So I politely said no, and went on doing my thing. By this time I saw a fish quickly rise and dart down as fast as it rose. Hmmm, the game may be about to change.

    The other fisherman was done for the day, and bid me good luck and a fond farewell. It was now 5pm, and I noticed some rises happening just upstream in a long calmer section. The way the fish were rising, they weren’t hitting surface flies, but just under the surface. Ah ha! I retied my spider and casted away, but only in vein. I was doing something wrong, but what? I changed fly size, but no change in the action. I opened my box and just stared for a moment and remembered a fish I caught on the Poudre. It was somewhat doing the same thing these fish were doing. I then took off the spiders and replaced them with a black RS2, size 18. The water was shallow, less than 2ft. deep, and after a few casts I finally got a hit. Lost it right away, but it was there long enough to say that I figured it out. That was good enough for me, so it was now time for me to come home.

    The area I was fishing, it was a gold medal trout stream. Talking to the other fisherman, he told me they released some 20 plus inchers in that section. The trout he was catching were all rainbows about 10 inches long, but they were not stockers at all. Beautiful wild rainbows. Give this area some time and it’ll come back to it’s former glory if it isn’t abused. Problem is, in the summer, it’s filled with people swimming and such. I may have to go farther down or up stream.



    I brought my acoustic rod

    I like that – bamboo as the angler’s acoustic instrument.

    Good to hear about any creek on the rebound. Well done on getting the hook into one.


    Scotty MacFly

    I should patent that term, acoustic rod. 💡

    Then when someone says it, they would own me a nickle. 😄



    “Then when someone says it, they would own me a nickle”
    Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that!

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