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    Dry Fly Guy

    Often one of the draws to a forum is the ability to buy and sell items to a specific target demographic.  While I appreciate this fact, and understand that in doing so there are truly benefits for both the buyer and seller.  I also understand how sellers can utilize a forum for nothing more, and I don’t want the Dry Fly Forum to just become an online garage sale.  So certain requirements have been established to ensure that participating Members are utilizing this forum, and not those just joining to peddle their wares.

    So please read the requirements for using The Pool below, and if you need to be an exception to these rules, please contact me.  I’m not unreasonable, but if you are new here and I don’t know you from somewhere else, you will have to convince me that you’re reasons for being an exception are valid, and your post will truly be in the Dry Fly Forum Member’s best interest.

    ~ DFG

    The Pool Rules:

    The Dry Fly Forum believes that it is unfair to allow a sole proprietor (such as an independent Rodsmith) privileges that a corporation (such as a Manufacturer) are denied.  Therefore, it is the policy of the Dry Fly Forum that any Member meeting the requirements to post in The Pool may do so.  Whether they be a representative of a large manufacturer of fly fishing tackle, or an individual simply looking to clear out an unused item from their vest.  The minimum requirements for posting in The Pool are:

    1. A minimum of 25 posts in other sections of the Dry Fly Forum; AND
    2. A minimum of 60 days as a Member of the Dry Fly Forum.

    Any individual desiring to post an item in The Pool before meeting these requirements may do so if they receive prior approval from the Owner. Failure to do so may result in immediate suspension or revocation of all posting privileges. To request permission to post an item in The Pool prior to meeting the above requirements, please use this contact form:  Contact



    Our post number, and join date aren’t showing David.


    Dry Fly Guy

    You are correct Creek, that information is not being displayed with your Username. I haven’t found an elegant way of incorporating it with the bbPress software that is powering the forum, but I’m still looking for a good solution.

    In the meantime, if you click on the username of a Member, (including yourself) it will provide the Member’s public profile, which includes a count of the Topics started, and a count of the Replies made. So in your case, currently there are 0 Topics started and 6 Replies created. Add the two figures together and you have the total post count.

    Your join date is not currently part of the public profile, so if you can’t remember when you joined and need that info, you’ll have to contact me for it.

    ~ DFG

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