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    For the record. I’ve never had a fly blow out of a box. I could understand it if one lid covered all the flies. With single compartments it’s easy to shield the wind for just one small compartment. It only takes a second to reach in to grab a fly.



    I’ve only had flies blow out a time or two in my life, but I’ve sure dropped my share of boxes while trying to get out or put back a fly. More times than I can count. The magnets in the compartment boxes saved a lot of cussing and looking for flies. I’ve also reached for a fly in a compartment, and had three of them come out, with one or two falling to the ground or water. The magnet helps hold them all down while I pick out just one. I still mostly use foam since I don’t use that many full hackle flies.


    Scotty MacFly

    I have a few of those already to store different hooks and sizes. They are awesome. In fact, I just put some flies in one that I wasn’t using. Found mine at Walmart. Heck, why not get more, and they are perfect for putting in pockets for a few hrs. on the stream.

    And here I was, staring at them for a year. But if I can find some rectangle ones that will fit the pockets of my satchel, I am in like Flynn. Joann’s is a place my wife goes too. I must tag along.

    Who would have thought my new favorite fly shops are craft stores?



    Wheatley also makes a “Malvern” line which is cheaper. They are green plastic on the bottom and green- or clear-plastic lidded. Mine is a 16-compartment clear-lidded one.

    A minor personal observation about using magnets at the bottom of compartment boxes—your hackle will possibly still get deformed that way too. If the magnet is strong enough, it pulls the fly down on its side.



    toledotimber: That’s a GOOD observation about magnets potentially crushing the hackles of dry flies. Gotta say, I had not thought of that.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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