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    How’s those dry flies working out? 😀


    Scotty MacFly

    My desk is getting covered with them. Kinda got my own hatch going on here, but I will be prepared when the time comes. Getting a little rambunctious and anxious.



    Tying a few every day – by the end of runoff (go El Nino, go) I’ll be ready.



    I fished a midge hatch yesterday in 40 degree air! Casting to rising fish for several hours. The only person in sight. It was cold, but fun while it lasted.

    At the vise, my next ties are . . . gasp . . . Mice! I’m throwing more top-water meat next summer, at night, with some moon light, on a 6 or 7 weight. They are tied with rabbit and foam, and their backs will be dry! No, they are NOT a “fly”, but they’re dry, on top, and the fish will rise to slash them. Big fish. Dry Mammals!

    Merry Christmas


    Scotty MacFly

    I’m just tying my go to favorites in different sizes. Those boxes my wife got me are working great for storing flies.

    I started tying a grub looking thing using latex gloves covered with resin and a soft black hackle. Looks like a meal worm, and I colored the back green. I tried that the other day when dries weren’t working, and action was slow on midges. I swing it like a wet fly and it did pretty well. I was well pleased with it’s performance, though nothing to e-mail home about, (since nobody writes letters anymore), but all in all a pretty good outing with a new fly and four fish to it’s credit.

    I had to get out, my house has 4 women in it right now for the holidays and they tried to capture my son into helping them with Christmas goodies. He looked at me with that look of doom and I said, “no man gets left behind!” Off we went for some well needed father and son time. Good times.

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