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    Dark Waters

    I’ve been fishing largemouths with 3″ senkos on a new UL spin rod I picked up over the winter. It’s a lot of fun, the 14″ers even scream off some drag. The ponds are about a 10 minute walk into the woods from my front door. Was using poppers and 4wt bamboo the week before.



    Scotty……….The only way to fish the Ark now would be to drop heavy nymphs on the edge. To me that means it’s not fishable. It won’t teach you a thing, except how to drop heavy nymphs on the edge of muddy fast rivers.

    The best dry fly fishing on the Ark is 300-400cfs. Right now it’s 2500cfs, and increasing everyday until it gets to 4500cfs or higher. Even a tailwater is better than that.

    It’s something we have to live with when we have nothing but freeestone rivers, and creeks. No big deal though. We have lots of time to fish before and after runoff.


    Scotty MacFly

    I do understand what you are saying Creek. But what I mean is it has helped me to read the water better in situations like right now. There are areas in Canon City where the water rises into these shallow cut outs where the fish will hold while the rushing of the water flows by and they sit just on the inside of the mouth of these cut outs waiting for food to rush by, but the cut outs are also shallow enough to fish dries. There isn’t many of them, and the cut outs are not real big, but they will hold a fish or two. Then you move on to the next. It beats fishing elbow to elbow with everyone else, and I can’t and won’t do that. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, so fly fishing where others wont dare is better for me.

    When I was fishing the White River I really wanted to dry fly, but the way that the landscape was in that area made it impossible. So nymphs were the answer, not a pleasure, but the answer. But the St Vrain down the road from me is a different scenario. Yes it’s high and wide and brown, but the way the landscape is along the banks is smooth and shallow and not as murky as the main current. I have caught fish on big dries there during run off. I guess it’s really just a matter of what the terrain is? Rocky with fast rough water or fast deep water that’s not so rough. I guess I could have gone between Rangely and Meeker to fish the deep smoother water, but I am not familiar with that area as much, to what is private property and not.

    I know you only fish dries Creek, and I respect that. I myself would rather fish dries as well and do. I only use nymphs as a last resort. And to me, NYMPHS ARE BORING! My nephew will argue with that, but to each their own I guess. My dry flies fill my fly box. But I carry nymphs in a small pill box, for those times dries won’t produce. And I will never understand streamers. Might as well fish with lures. As for nymphs, I should just use worms, but I don’t have any worms.

    I get you Creek. You know what you like and you stick with it. You keep it simple. I’m trying to find a way to get there as well. And when the waters start to lower and become dry fly friendly, it’s ONLY dry fly for me. As for now I have to humble myself and use nymphs if I have to. And I’m ok with that because it’s only temporary.

    I apologize if I sound angry, but this is the first time I have admitted to having Social Anxiety Disorder to anyone outside of my family and my close friend, and I don’t know how to react to it because I am embarrassed by it. But I guess it will help all of you understand me a little better. I guess it’s a good thing.



    I’m not sure I have the disorder too, but i’d rather not fish than to be near someone else. So, I do understand. Probably why I like to fish creeks, and beaver ponds.

    You’re at a stage I was at years ago. I would fish dries when they worked, and switch to nymphs when they didn’t. You may stay at that stage the rest of your life, and it’s the most popular way to fly fish.

    Than one day I finally figured out that I liked fishing dries so much, that it was all I was going to do. Even if i’m not catching anything. There’s a lot of things to like while fly fishing. Catching fish is just one of them. Then something started to happen that really opened my eyes. When I would get to a point while fishing that in the past would trigger me to switch to nymphs. I started to try harder with dries. I worked on my presentation with concentration I never had when I was fishing dries and nymphs. I knew I had to make the dries work. I started to focus more. My presentation got better and better. I’d rag on myself if the fly dragged for a second. My fishing became even more fun. More challenging. Every cast and drift had to be better than the last one until it wasn’t possible to do it any better. For me anyway. It was then that I started to catch more fish with the dries. Fish that I would have never caught in the past with dries when fishing dries and nymphs, because I would have given up on dries way too early.

    Now i’m at my final stage of fishing dries. I never give up on them. I’ll keep trying, and have a great time doing it. However, i’m not a complete fool, and realize there are times to not even try to fish dries. You’ll be amazed how few those are. Runoff is one of them, but the simple fix is to go where dries do work. Like beaver ponds. 😀

    Te best way to fish just dries is to not have anything but dries at home, or especially when fishing. It takes away the temptation, and forces you to focus on making dries work.

    I’m not telling anybody to do this. Everybody is free to fish anyway they want. However, if in your heart you want to just fish dries. Throw everything else away, and get those trout to rise to your fly.


    Scotty MacFly

    First of all, I have to ask, are we having one of these warm fuzzy moments?

    Reading what you just wrote and thinking on it all, I believe I am following your footsteps. Like I said, I use nymphs as a last resort. And I find that it takes everything I have to switch from dries to nymphs cause I am at my witts end trying everything on dries with no takes. So I switch while mumbling a few words under my breath.
    I will admit that I don’t fish lakes and ponds very much. The only time I do is if my son or my friend wants to, which is maybe twice a year. The only time I did it consistantly is when I used to ice fish. I guess I find fishing areas like that are not challenging enough, but I can give it more of a chance during this time of year. There is one lake I do enjoy, it’s above tree level and it gets really windy. It sits in a big bowl of some of the most beautiful scenery. And the wind howls through it at 100 mph. But on the nice days, it’s worth it. Big Brookies!
    Speaking of winds, we just had a tornado just pass us down the road. Wife has a picture of it as she was coming home. The news said three total in this area of Mead, Longmont, and Berthoud. Still nasty outside.
    But dry flies are above all else when it comes to fishing, and I am finding all else is slowly drifting away. I should try to find some beaver ponds. I’ll ask around if anyone knows of any in this area.

    Thanks Creek, you’re alright.

    Maybe, if you are willing, if I am going into your area I can give you a early notice a few days before, and you and I can fish together for a day. No pressure, just a thought.



    Please don’t take it personally Scotty, but i’m really the definition of a loner. I never have plans when I wake up. I just go where my heart tells me to go.

    I hope you understand?


    Scotty MacFly

    Don’t worry about it. I really do understand. Like I said, you’re alright.



    I’ll tell you a little story Scotty.

    I have a very close friend who is also a die hard fly fisherman. He’s also exactly like me, and fishes alone. One day we decided to go fishing together to see how it goes. We meet at first light, and head off to where we both sort of agreed to fish. The ride to the fishing spot was pretty good, and we were both in a good mood. We got there, and got setup. He took way, longer than me. I waited as he fiddled around tying on a leader. Ok, no big deal. We had decided to go off in different directions, and he said something that didn’t put a smile on my face. He said he’d meet me back at the truck at noon sharp! I told him I usually just sit on a rock in the middle of the river to eat lunch, and I might be a mile up the river at noon. He told me to be at the truck at noon, because he might want to drive to a new spot. Since we were using his truck I couldn’t say much. Without whining anymore about the day i’ll just say I just let him have his way all day. I left spots that were giving me good results so we could move to a better spot.(?)

    At the end of the day I said to him. How was it for you? He said it was terrible, and he was always waiting at the truck for me. I said why I was always on time. He said because he wasn’t having any luck, and got to the truck early. I said that was my fault?

    So we decided to never do it again. I was happy he felt that way, because I didn’t have to tell him how much it sucked fishing with him. We’re good friends, and get along fine, but not while fishing.

    I knew at that point i’d never try again. I did learn one thing that day. My friend is not a great fisherman. He should have used an Adams. 😀


    Scotty MacFly

    Creek……I have the same issues as you. Too many times I have gotten up before sunrise and picked up someone who wants to go fishing, ( and because of my disorder I am real picky on who I take ) and then drive 2hrs. to a spot I know will be easy for them to catch fish. By the time they get set up it’s 9:00 and we finally hit the water. After an hour has passed, and while I’m having a great time I hear, “oh by the way, I have to be back home by 1:00.” That has happened too many times.

    Creek, I don’t even take a lunch. I’m too much of an aggressive fisher I don’t stop till I am completely worn out.I don’t even take water, and by mid day I am so dehydrated I can’t talk. But I still fish. I really need to stop doing that and take water with me. My wife knows me well enough that if I come home late, that means the fishing was just that good.

    The kid I took last time, I only agreed to take him if he followed me in his truck. That way if he needed to leave he could. I wasn’t going to let him, or anyone else do that to me again. Last year my nephew in Meeker, ( who is a fine fisherman, although he prefers nymphs ), went fishing with me one afternoon, and I found a great seam behind this big rock that was stacked with fish like the tuna section at the store and he comes up and tells me he has to get home because he has to get ready to take his girlfriend out. He used to never let anything disrupt his fishing. As soon as I got out of the water I told him that she was already a bad influence on him. The kid is in high school, what does he know. Funny though, they broke up the following week. She got too bossy I hear.

    Believe me Creek, I understand. I prefer to be by myself as you do. Maybe it’s a good thing because there are times I think you and I are too much alike and we may clash a little unintentionally. Ha ha!
    You’re a good man Creek, and you & I are good as well.
    And I agree that your friend should have used an Adams.

    You have a good day, I got minor repairs to my property I need to do from the tornado’s we had a few days ago.



    I don’t even take water, and by mid day I am so dehydrated I can’t talk. But I still fish. I really need to stop doing that and take water with me.

    Yes, you really do. Especially fishing alone at higher elevations. Or consider a filter bottle that will let you safely drink creek water – a little bulky but weighs next to nothing empty.



    I agree to take some water, and at least some snacks. I wear a vest, so it’s easy to carry with me.

    It’s good to stop, sit on a rock in the creek, and relax. Take in the surroundings, and enjoy it. Remember there’s much more to fly fishing than catching fish.


    Scotty MacFly

    I have not seen these filter bottles. Where can I get one? Does Cabelas carry them? I have seen these bottle carriers that attatch to the belt on waders, but dang if I remember where I saw them. They would have been very useful. Have any of you seen them?



    Sure i’m also a die hard hunter. Almost all hunters use them when hunting the mountains.

    Just Google water filter bottles, and take your pick.



    The thing about filtered water bottles is that most of them don’t do much other than filter out bad tastes. To be safe you need something that will filter out cryptosporidium & giardia, which means having a ceramic or carbon block filter element that goes down to 5 microns. So do a google search for water bottles and include cryptosporidium in your search criteria. Or you can get a UV filter (wand types) that you swirl around in the water bottle. UV light kills crypto and giardia. The UV wands are expensive, but very safe and don’t take up much room. You can fit one in a vest pocket.

    For the most part, you probably can get by without the heavy duty filtration. But then, I don’t see the point of filtering your drinking water at all unless you just don’t like the taste.




    They all tell you what they filter. You’re right about just filtering for taste is worthless. Those are probably harder to find than ones that filter everything.

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