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    Scotty MacFly

    It was a longer than normal trip this time considering it usually takes just over 4 hrs. to get there. Because of an unfortunate roll over just past the tunnels on I-70 it took us 5 hrs. to get to Silverthorn, which normally takes about 90 min. to get to. So we had to get a hotel room.
    Sat. morning back on the road. By 2pm I was on the White armed with my Scott Radian 5wt. With my normal dou of flies.
    The sky was cloudy because we had rain most of the day. No wind at all and better yet, no mosquitoes.

    I fished till 8pm, and had the entire stretch below Avery Dam to myself. Now if you have not been here, this river does not come out of Lake Avery. It just flows by it. So it’s not tailwater.
    The rainbows were very active. I had many coming out of the water taking my ant. It was pretty exciting. The whitefish were a little deeper, but just as eager.
    There are many large boulders here, with long seams behind them creating long slicks. This is where the rainbows were to be found. The whitefish were more into the riffles.

    Now I noticed something. There is a lot if green moss. But behind the rocks there isn’t any. It was in the mossless area where the trout were. But the whites were in the mossy areas. What I couldn’t figure out was there were no browns. It’s the browns that I normally catch, but I was fishing this river later in the year than I normally do, even though its late July. The river is lower than I have ever seen it. But in the most part it’s up to mid thigh & still running at a pace to knock you over if you ain’t careful.
    The whitefish were beasts. The smallest one was around 18 inches. The others over 20. You know when you hook into one because they are just tanks. Just thick across the back. They are hard to move, and they will put the most pleasing bend into your rod, all you can do is smile. I will admit it, I love catching whitefish. These fish will fight. And as always, if they get below you, game over, because you will lose them.

    Today, different story. Clear skies, a little wind. There were more people on the river, so my son & I found a small area, not the best area, but it had a few small promises. I ended up with a few risers, & one brought to hand. After awhile some of the other fishermen left, so we moved on up. The rainbows were scarse, and no whitefish to be found. It was definitely more difficult to find the fish. But we got a few small rainbows.

    So that’s pretty much it. Tomorrow we head back to the hustle & bustle of the I-25 corridor. Dang it.

    I wish I knew more about this river & where more public land is at. There’s lot’s of private property with some of the nicest looking water.

    As for eating a whitefish, I couldn’t do it. I have so much respect for them as a sporting fish. I’ll just continue to keep brookies and call it good.

    Well, that’s pretty much it. I had better days on that river, but not much better. But I ain’t complaining.

    Wait, I have one complaint. My waders decided to give out on me Sat. I was soaked when I got out, but it didn’t bother me. Even though wet, I was warm. So now, I need to look for waders.

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    Well done, Scotty. I’ve also found that cloudy days are almost always better fishing than sunny blue sky days.

    If you’re interested I could direct you the best whitefish pool on the Green in WY :)


    Scotty MacFly

    Grs. Sure, I’d be interested. I have seen the Green many times, but never fished it.



    Hotspotting alert!

    Found it on my first fishing trip west of the Mississippi. Mid-July, a decent hatch of some fairly large mayflies and I thought I was in dry fly paradise – completely unaware that all those rises were not trout but whitefish. Fished like a madman for hours – lots of fish rose to my fly but not a one hooked for more than a fraction of a second. One finally stayed pinned and I realized I’d been flummoxed by what appeared to be outsized chubs. For days that line from Steve Martin’s The Jerk kept running through my head – “The Lord loves a workin’ man…and don’t trust Whitey”

    It’s near Pinedale – turn on the dirt road just past the bridge on hwy 187 north of Daniel that crosses the Green. Upstream about 3, maybe 4 miles. Never did catch a trout in the Green.


    Scotty MacFly

    Thanks GRS. I copied your directions and tucked them away.

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