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    Scotty MacFly

    against all the fun I am having. I have been up to the Wild Basin twice now this year and I have had the whole North Saint Vrain Creek to myself. Lots of hikers, but the trails are off on the wood, so I never see anyone unless they come down to the creek.
    I need to get photobucket or something and show you some pictures of this place and the fish. I did have an unexpected visitor though, a mink was on the bank and then disappeared around the bend of the creek. A minute later he came back over with a beautiful brookie in his mouth and proceeded to swim across the creek right in front of me. I thought what a nice pic this would make so I fumbled for my phone as he was headed right towards me in the current with a small look of panic in his eyes. I could have scratched his ears if I wanted to, he was that close. As he went by I got the phone out of my pocket and tried to keep up with him till I tripped over a submerged rock and went down. All is good. Never was able to get a photo. This is why I normally don’t take photos. The scenic photos are fine because scenery doesn’t move and flop around, but wild life don’t understand to hold still and say, ” cheese.” I did catch a cutthroat with colors like a prism in the sun light. Oh how I wanted a photo of it. It had different plans.
    Anyway, this area is such a pleasure to fish with a 7’6″ 3wt rod, I’m starting to question myself why I even go to bigger rivers like the Poudre or the White. I will have to say though that there are areas of this creek that will challenge you physically due to the creek bed being slick and rocky, and the water can be quite fast depending on the grade.
    The fishing is unbelievable. I actually got a grand slam consisting of brooks, cuts, and a brown or two. All on a Delaware Adams dry. Of the different variations of the Adams, the Delaware Adams is proving to be a deadly fly. I need to tie more of them.
    Next week, I plan on going into the IPWA and try that area. The guys at the local fly shop speak of it quite often. All I know is, it’s going to be hard to beat the Wild Basin. It was definitely a 20+ fish day. And those were the ones I actually released. Many more got off on their own.



    Sounds like a couple of great days! I agree that the smaller waters are often the best, especially when they are overlooked by everyone else. Photos would have been great, but I don’t think I’d pull out my cellphone to take a photo when I’m in the water for anything less than Bigfoot. I never drop my phone, but the one time I do would probably be when I’m knee deep.




    Good onya, Scotty.


    Scotty MacFly

    It’s beyond fantastic Brett. There have been a ton of hikers, but you never see them because the trails are off the water. And when I came out and hit a trail to head to the truck, I was asked by a hiker how I did, and all I could say was it was incredible. She asked where I was fishing at and I pointed at the creek. She looked surprised and asked me if there was really any fish in that fast moving water. I just smiled and said that there is more fish in there than you would believe.
    As for the cell phone, well, that’s all I have for a camera. And if that was to get ruined, I really wouldn’t mind.

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