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    Dry Fly Guy

    Once upon a time I was a card carrying Member of Trout Unlimited, but eventually allowed my membership to lapse as I didn’t recognize an honest benefit of continuing to be a Member.  I still receive correspondence from them soliciting my Membership, and have again wondered how I might give back to the “industry” I recreate in.

    So I’m just putting out here a request for those of you affiliated with an “environmental” or other Non-profit organization, to give me your pitch.  Why are you affiliated with the organization and what benefit do you, the world (and the industry) derive by its existence.

    And just as a friendly reminder… feel free to express your opinions, but please be conscientious of not personally attacking someone with an opposing opinion.  Should you need further clarification on this, please read the Code of Conduct.

    ~ DFG


    Eric Peper

    I had pretty much the same experience with TU that you did and am currently a non-member. The only fishing-related organization I currently support is the Henry’s Fork Foundation, and that is because it is the only one that supports my favorite river in any way. That said, I am not a strong supporter because IMO the organization’s focus is on the wrong targets. They refuse to get involved politically, yet it is political organizations that represent the greatest threat to the river; i.e., unrestricted or unregulated development of the waterway, no apparent concerns for threats to water quality from inadequate or illegal septic systems. Instead there are studies of distances traveled by fish, fish counts, and spawning territories. My feeling is if the water quality is good, the fish will take care of themselves.

    BTW, years back when I lived in NY, I was an active member of Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, which IMO was at that time a model for how a conservation organization should be run.




    I’ve supported many of the groups over the years but now only the Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum. I recently let my Trout Unlimited membership lapse and they are now wearing out my e-mailbox. They absolutely will not take “no” for an answer.



    I joined TU this year. A new chapter opened up here in St. Louis and the joining cost was so minimal that I couldn’t not join, besides several good friends are the ones who opened this chapter and I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve never considered joining before as I’m primarily a warm-water fisherman but I do enjoy the trouts whenever I can. I like the projects they’re working on in the area too. For what it’s worth, since joining in the spring I’ve found TU’s email habits are a bit overbearing (several times a week asking me to ‘up’ my membership, etc.).



    I’m not much of a joiner. I like to be independent to go my own way.

    TU has pestered me for years to join. I think they need another body to do the work.



    Here in California Cal Trout has been very effective in protecting and expanding cold water resources. They get my support.


    Dry Fly Guy

    Welcome to the forum onefinslapping!

    ~ DFG



    We joined the Nature Conservancy when I began fishing the Silver Creek area 20 years ago. That’s about it.

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