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    Scotty MacFly

    Hi guys. I’m not a professional tyer of flies. They look fine after a bit of practice, but there’s room for improvement. As I tie, I keep wondering if people tie from the same view. I have watched very skilled tiers and how they place the fly, but not knowing really what angle they look at it.

    When I tie, I guess I look at the fly from a 45 deg. angle. That way I can see a little of the top and side view. I have a friend who likes to look straight down on the fly looking at the top. He says he can tie wings better that way, and I can understand his thinking.

    What about you? From what angle do you prefer to see your fly when tying?

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    What a great question! Been tying for 30 years and never really gave it too much thought. I look downward at about 45 degrees, and from slightly to the right (ahead) of the fly. But I also rotate the fly in the vise a bit, and move my head around. I’ll bet there’s an optimum aspect, and I doubt mine is it.



    About a 45 degree angle, but I have a rotary vice. so I constantly turn the fly. I look at the fly from the bottom more than anything, because that’s the view the fish has.

    Every fly I tie is tested in a glass bowl of water. I want to see how the fly rides on the water and i’ll lift up the bowl to look at the fly from the fishes view.


    Scotty MacFly

    Wheezeburnt, you do like I do. Same 45 deg. slightly from the front. I also have a rotary vise, but I never use it to it’s fullest potential. In other words, I forget at times it’s rotary because it’s the last thing on my mind when tying. I guess I focus too much on the fly itself.

    I never thought of looking at the fly from the bottom Creek. That’s a good idea. I’m not a great tyer, but my flies sit up like they should. Never thought about how a fish see’s it. That would seem important.

    I saw a guy once at a show who tied his flies from the bottom. There were a few exceptions like when he would tie in the tail and wings, then he would flip it over and look straight down on the fly. I did ask him why he tied like that, and his reasoning was quite good. He said that when he wraps the thread around the fly, he had a nasty habit of catching the thread on the hook point, therefore cutting his thread. So he would place the hook point up to force him to be more cautious. I thought it strange at first, but it works for him so, so be it.

    I think I’ll start playing around on my vise this winter, as in looking at the fly from different angles and see what I like best.

    Merry Christmas guys.



    Merry Christmas Scotty and fellow dry fly fisherman.



    I also look down at the fly when tying, but like creek always rotate the vise at almost every stage of tying to see it from all angles.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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