Used my new Zen furled leaders

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    Scotty MacFly

    and let me just say, I need to get out more. These things are beautiful to fish with. The way I saw it turn over a duo set of flies this morning was just incredible. I got 4pks of the longest ones they have, and I tied on 4ft of 5x tippet, and I will say with no hesitation that Blue Sky furled leaders can’t hold a candle to these. These are a pure pleasure to fish with.

    I used it on my CGR, and thought maybe I should get a smaller length for this rod in the future. Now, all I need is some Cortland Peach!!! I have that SA Ultra Heritage line on my CGR, 5wt, but the more I casted, the more I felt something was missing in the cast. I almost had to force it, and a while back I ripped something in my casting shoulder, and it was bothering me after awhile. It’s a true to weight line if I remember, but maybe it was just me today that was off. Though, I need to swallow my pride and order some Peach from Bass Pro. I am curious how this Heritage line may work on my F2. It’s a 3wt rod, but I have a feeling it’ll handle this 5wt line with ease. Calls for some backyard casting this evening.

    Anyway, I just want to say thanks Creek for the advice of these great furled leaders. I owe you one. Thanks.

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