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    Best thing to do is just read it and don’t bother to post. That’s what I do.


    Scotty MacFly

    Yeah, but how many times can one read the same thing from different people over & over. And I think that’s part of the issue, and people are getting tired of it and becoming ill tempered with it. Every day someone posts what line for this rod, and it does get old, but to a new comer to the sport, it’s fresh and new. He/she just wants to get started in this sport without having to spend hundreds of dollars to get things to where it feels good for them. I know. When I branched off from how I was taught, and wanted to learn new things, it can get over whelming and blow your mind because things got complicated for me. I don’t know everything, and I never will. But when I see a person with a true heart for this sport, and who wants to keep it honest, clean, and honorably traditional, to a degree of course, I will help them any time and any way I can. We were all there in the beginning, and some like you guys have taken this sport and have ran with it, keeping it and what it means to you close to heart.

    I will be honest here, Creek I posted your idea about not matching what line with what rod, but matching a rod with a line you like and performs well for your style. I thought it was bloody f’n brilliant. I never thought of that before, and it was a fantastic new way of looking at it differently. THEY DIDN’T GET IT!! One guy said, ” so we should buy tires first, then the car?” I wanted to PM him and just tear him up, but that’s the immaturity I am seeing on the NAFFF. I don’t understand why they have to be like that.
    One of the members who I have tons of respect for e-mailed me personally and asked me not to leave, because it’s people like us who make that forum what it is, and if I left, it would make it easier for the forum to go south. He thought of leaving a few times as well, but he sticks with it and doesn’t understand why the admin. doesn’t do anything about it. Just recently a newcomer’s first post was sketchy, posting a video about how fly fishermen could get nasty to lure fishermen. Seems to me the newcomer was trying to start something. But to give him the benefit of the doubt, one admin. handled it disrespectfully. I was shocked at his post. I kept silent.

    You guy’s don’t act like that here, and I appreciate it.

    Speaking of admins. where’s DFG been? I miss hearing from him. Hope he’s doing well.



    I was talking about the UK version. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to the US version of the forum. I started on that forum 11 years ago. I got to the point and couldn’t take it any longer. I left for about 4 years. I came back with a different name and made sure I didn’t make any waves. Just to see if it was me or others. It lasted about a month and the same guys gave me crap. I knew then it wasn’t me and left for good.

    The UK version is more interesting for me, because they talk about fishing rivers I want to fish. I don’t bother to post though.. The Brits are a lot more civil than Americans.

    I downloaded another 5-6 old books to read. Mostly on dry fly fishing in the early 1900’s. It’s interesting reading about them trying to figure out what I already know is the truth by living in their future. So, i’m doing that instead of posting on so many forums. I only go to a few now. This is one of course.

    I have a feeling i’m going to win the lottery one day. Hard to explain, but I feel it. I’m almost sure i’d move to the UK if I did. Providing it was a big jackpot. I got to thinking of where i’d settle. It could be North Yorkshire to fish the freestone rivers of the North, or it could be Southern England in Hamshire to fish the chalk streams. Considering my age and how I can’t really wade much anymore. It would be nuts to go to Yorkshire and fish the same kind of rivers I have to fish now. I can’t wade and wouldn’t be able to fish most of them.

    So the chalk streams seem really attractive to me. No wading needed. Actually, there’s only a couple of beats that you can wade. All the fishing is done from the manicured banks. Upstream dry fly fishing for 3-6 lb browns is not hard to take. I’ve already worked out how I could fish them 5 days a week. An 8’6″ 4-5wt bamboo will be perfect with a Hardy Perfect reel. Silk line of course.

    Yes, it’s just a dream, but more than once in my life my dreams have come true. So, I never say never to myself. At least it’s a fun dream to think about if nothing comes of it.

    Yes, i’d invite you to come fish the River Test. My treat for the whole trip. :)


    Scotty MacFly

    I hope your dream comes true creek, I really do. And when you do, you will stay on this forum of course and tell us all about it, right?

    I have family there, in Scotland, Aunt Carol told me one time when we had a family re-union, I was wearing my Highland Rig, and she said to me, ” you belong in Scotland. But you’re better off in the U.S..” She lived in Dingwall Scotland, about 15 miles NW of Inverness. I would love to live in the Sutherland County in the Highlands of Scotland. But it will never happen.

    I hope you do go creek, I think you’ll be happy there. But dress warm in the winter, and I hope you can handle the amount of light there is in the winter, and summer. Summer would be great because the sun goes down around 11 pm. At least in Scotland it does, but southern England, maybe 10:30. It’s only 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle if I remember correctly. But don’t let my telling you this disturb your thoughts on it. Go if you win. You will like it.

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