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    Scotty MacFly

    I was just going through some old threads, enjoying reading posts from a few years past, and I really liked the article you put up creek, about the origin of the Adams. I have also heard it say that it was all Mr. H’s development and since Mr. Adams was such a good client, Mr. H made the fly and named it after Mr. Adams in his honor. But reality is, we weren’t there, and so we will never really know the truth.

    But as I was going through the older stuff, I have to wonder, where did everyone go?

    I saw posts from; Eric Peper, Dark Water, Lightline, Joe Friday, Toledotimber, and of course, DFG.

    I have seen Joe on the NAFFF, but not often. Brent just recently left, but is on other forums. I fear the worst about DFG. Eric and Toledo just vanished without a trace, and Marty along with them.

    All that’s left of the, please take this in the way it’s meant, the senior members is creek and Grs. And Grs shows up just now and again, and I’d hate to see him disappear as well.

    I know this is a forum with a specific style to fishing, and it can get slow and boring I guess at times, but dadburn it, if I can come up with some strange unorthodox subjects, anyone can.

    We have two new members, and to be honest, I think one may stay around awhile and learn a thing or two. But I hope I am wrong and both stay and become very active on this forum. I don’t mind answering questions to beginners because, well, at one time I was a beginner as well, and I still don’t know everything because I have found a level of fishing I am very comfortable with and enjoy very much. Why make something so pleasing so difficult?

    GRS and Creek, I hope you two stay around, because between you two, you guy’s have a ton of knowledge that I and others can benefit from.

    I almost fear the day if I am the one that others look to for guidance and knowledge on this forum.



    Dry fly fishing is so specialized it’s hard to talk about too much. A forum dedicated to it is pretty rare. To be honest I didn’t think it would last as long as it did.

    The problem is almost all fly fisherman use dry flies. Some more than others, but few use them exclusively. To start a forum about dry flies is sort of saying this forum is for dry fly fisherman only. Otherwise, it’s just like any other fishing forum that will talk about dry flies along with all the other methods.
    So, this is so specialized that guys run out of stuff to talk about. Then they fade away.
    To be honest Scotty. If it wasn’t for you I probably would have faded away too. You start most all the threads. I just respond to them.


    Scotty MacFly

    See? What would you do without me?

    I bet you get up some mornings and ask yourself, what the hell did he post today? So you get on the forum and look. Then walla, here I am, just like reading the funny pages in Sunday’s news paper.

    Seriously, I do know, with all humility, I am the one who posts more often. I look at you guys as my friends. I talk with you guys more than people I know personally. At first it was because we all have something in common, but then I got to know you guys a little, and most have left, but you and GRS have stayed. It’s become something more to me than just a forum, it’s a fellowship. And I do like this forum very much and have no plans on letting it die. I love dry fly fishing too much, and there is a limit to it, just like anything else. There is a point where all things have been said and done, so where does one go from there?

    Wet fly fishing? Maybe. But I have not found a forum on wet fly fishing. And Lord knows I do like fishing with soft hackled flies and spiders. It’s the only other style I fish, but not nearly as much as dry flies. I just posted on the fiberglass forum not too long ago after a long dry spell, because to me, it doesn’t matter what type of rod one fishes with, it’s not the rod that fish bite on, it’s the fly. I may leave that one, but there’s some good folks from GB on there, and I like to read their posts and see their photos. The NAFFF, I am still there, but it’s too busy for me. Some great ideas and thoughts come up now and then, and I read the posts, and will reply but pretty much keep it short. But I find myself slowly fading off of it. Kind of fading away silently to be more honest. But there are a few on there who know my personal g-mail address and when I don’t post something in awhile they e-mail me and ask if I’m ok.

    It’s this forum I look at everyday. Why, because of the people who are on it.



    We few, we happy few…

    Appreciate the kind words, Scotty. To explain my latest absence – I was gone for most of Sept visiting friends and family back east – some of them ill and/or elderly, and thought I better go before it was too late, y’know? Not a lot of fishing, but got a few hours on the Ausable and an isolated brook trout pond. Too warm for steelhead – they were in the river but severely stressed from the warm water so I let them be.


    Scotty MacFly

    Hi GRS, glad to have you back. I hope all is well back east. One of the things on my bucket list is to fish dry flies in some of the New England States, Vermont & New Hampshire would be a hoot I bet. Maybe even Penn.

    But I hope it’s not too late with your family, if you get my meaning.

    How was the brook trout fishing and the all famous Ausable river? Was this in Mich. or more out east. I think there is an Ausable river in NY, but I’m not sure.



    Not too late at all, but no one is guaranteed another tomorrow, so I’m glad I went when I did.

    It was the Ausable in NY’s Adirondacks. The one in Michigan is spelled Au Sable (2 words) and is on the bucket list. The Hexagenia hatches and spinner falls (a huge mayfly which for some reason is locally called Michigan caddis) are supposed to be epic. NY’s Ausable is known for fast pocket water and long slow flats – I saw warm, sunny days (and nothing rising) most of the time but the one day with cool cloudy weather brought out the olives and some flying ants. If my joints could have stood up to the stress of wading fast rocky stuff I’m sure a Wulff would have brought up something in the pocket water despite the sun, but those days are over for me.

    The brook trout pond is on property owned by a friend of my cousin – spring fed, small but all wild natives – it was a weird day, hot and humid with a cold front moving in about 90 minutes before dusk. Clouds of midges around – once they started to swarm the fish went nuts for a Griffith’s Gnat. Then the front hit with a vengeance and the wind put everything down. Fun while it lasted.

    Never fished NH but as a kid I caught both my first trout ever and my first trout on a fly in VT’s Winooski River. PA’s limestone and spring creeks are a must too. Penns has amazing hatches and will test your skill like few other rivers. I really would like to go for landlocked salmon on dries in Maine someday – caught a very few on streamers and if there’s a more perfect fly rod fish I’ve never caught one.


    Scotty MacFly

    Wow GRS, what a trip you had.

    I didn’t realize the Ausable and the one in Mich. were spelled differently. I know folks in Mich. who spell it like the one in NY. The one in NY sounds like the type of water I like with the fast pocket water. I suppose I like it cause I can still do it. I hope I always can.

    But thanks, now I know which one is which.

    Sounds like the hatches were on pretty good to give you such good fishing. And the weather was kind of behaving enough to make it pleasant.

    It 33 and snowing here, but its supposed to warm back up by tomorrow. I hope I can get out on the water before the end of the month.



    I still look in once in a while, but all I see is you and Creek having a chat. I still do what I do, dry fly fish 80-100 days a year, as I’m doing now, on day 30 of a 40-day swing through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. I don’t blind fish dry flies, and the places I fish it is rare that anyone, even the very best, catch fish casting upstream to rising fish. Most people only cast to rising fish. Spring creeks and tail waters. They’re heavily fished because they are great fisheries. With all due respect, people don’t come from all over the world to fish the Poudre or Arkansas. I grew up in Colorado and fished them all, popular, tail waters, and the free stoners. My topics would mostly not relate to the waters you and Creek fish. We fish for different reasons. I fish to find the most educated, selective, large trout and fool them with a dry fly. I rarely cast to a fish under 15 or 16 inches. I don’t mind sharing large rivers with others, or hop scotching runs on a spring creek. When the hatches are on, there’s plenty of water for everybody. I only fish when the hatches are on. I don’t fish to get away from others because if I did, I’d be fishing shitty water. Its 2017 and there’s no secrets anymore. If its any good, you’re going to have company.

    So, Henry’s Fork is on, baetis, fish over 20″ rising every day. It ain’t called “Dead-Drift U.” for nothing. Cross currents and educated fish from a summer of being thrown at makes each fish a challenge. And then the weeds!

    Silver Creek is on, afternoon baetis, pools boiling with fish every afternoon.

    The Missouri is the best dry fly river in America, and I’ve gotten “MO’d out” catching 15-22 inch browns and rainbows from 11 am ’till dark every day I’ve been there. Its just crazy, with fish into your backing repeatedly.

    The Livingston spring creeks are killer from noon to about 4:30 with BWO’s. Small stuff, 20’s, and 7X. Fish run 14-18″, are very selective and spooky, but getting 20-30 eats in an afternoon has been the norm. Downstream presentations, cripples and emergers, lots of cdc and Harrop patterns, better have your A-game.

    Other smaller creeks I won’t mention, but everything is on fire most afternoons with BWO’s. Calm days are better. Calm and cloudy are shit-hot.

    What weight rod? It doesn’t matter. 3-5 wts. Length? I fish 7-8 foot slow action graphite made 20+ years ago, or fiberglass. Leaders? 12-14 foot Harvey style Mono. 3-4 foot tippets. I have too many fly patterns so I can show the fish something different. I enjoy that, and only catch a few fish per pattern before I change. Using a few simple flies gets boring. I tie new ones weekly to try them.

    I think this forum is a good idea, but it never did really catch on. Fact is, most DFO guys don’t chatter much except among their fishing friends. They don’t usually talk about fishing on a public forum. Sad, but true, or maybe not so sad, who knows? The conversations about the intracies of fooling trout with floating feathers take place along certain stream and river banks, and in certain parking lots, before and after the hatch. Some of those BS sessions are pure gospel. They’ll never see print or the internet.

    I don’t believe there’s ever a limit to what can be discussed or learned about dry flies and dry fly fishing. I have new conversations every week in person with people I know from over the years, or just meet on the water or in a parking area. But you have to be getting around and fishing a lot of different (good and great) dry fly waters, and prolific hatches, in order to discover the details. Otherwise, its just Adams and caddis fishing. Or blind fishing a hopper or something. That’s ok, but quickly runs out of topics.



    You might be surprised to know the Ark is the most popular fished water in Colorado. It’s 100 miles of Gold Medal water now. I much prefer to fish it over big fish, big hatch, crowded waters like the Frying Pan. The Ark has 20″-22″ and I prefer to try and catch them without being able to see them, or when they’re not rising.

    A chimp can catch rising fish during a hatch.



    I wanna see that chimp on Silver Creek or the Fork. Or Armstrongs. The Pan is bush league. Like you say, a chimp. Same with Deckers/Cheesman.



    As you said. You only fish to rising fish and I assume to fish you can see. Why do you think that’s so difficult?

    I’m not sure why you think all I fish is the Ark? I live on it, so of course, I fish it a lot. I also fish all the waters you mentioned. None are that far away. Neither is the Taylor that is pretty technical nymph fishing. I wasn’t always a dry fly fisherman.

    I’ve always found fishing during a hatch to rising fish as the easiest fishing. I’m not sure why you think it’s so difficult? Trying to get a fish to rise to a dry when there’s no hatch and the fish aren’t feeding is much more of a challenge.

    Anyway, I didn’t know this was a contest to see who’s the better fisherman? I could care less who is. That’s not the reason I fish, but if you want to puff up your chest and claim you are. Go ahead. I need a good laugh to start my day.



    Man, you sure jump to conclusions quick. You are the one who first wrote, “A chimp can catch rising fish during a hatch.” All I did was say where I fished, how, and why. Not better, or worse. You have a history of stirring up shit on every other forum you’ve been on. Doesn’t have a dam thing to do with a “better” fisherman. Please. Scotty’s question was where did everybody go? They left the Scotty and Creek chat session, that’s all. The two of you can enjoy it all you want, and I wish nothing but the best for both of you.


    Scotty MacFly

    If I am the reason everyone left, then let everyone come back, and I will quietly leave.

    I never meant it to be this way, and if I messed this forum up for everyone I humbly apologize.



    You should read what you write, or at least be aware of how others will take it. I believe Scotty took it the same way as I did. You were putting us down and bragging about all the places you fish. You also claim your fishing is so much harder.

    I have trouble on other forums because i’m not afraid to call out guys like you. I get lots of PM’s from guys saying they wish they had the guts to do the same thing but are afraid to make waves. That doesn’t bother me. I’m just being honest and telling it like it is. Most can’t handle it and just call me a trouble maker.

    If you brag and look down on others. I’ll call you on it. Simple as that.

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