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    Scotty MacFly

    This morning I went up the Poudre, and it was a real nice drive to the canyon, and when I got to the Century Park area I noticed the weeds were gently swaying. No problem.

    I went up past Indian Meadows and stopped near the fire station to fish. The breeze was stronger, but absolutely workable. I got set up, went in the river and watched awhile for anything rising, Warm sun, 65 deg. and the water clear and cold. What a beautiful morning!! I saw a rise near a rock, so I positioned myself 30ft away, and casted above the fish only for a strong gust to bring my fly back below the fish. I tried again and the wind stopped the furled leader and piled it.

    I eventually got a good cast and the fish did rise, but ducked back down when the wind took my line and dragged the fly.

    It was a beautiful boulder garden, some of the most inviting pocket water I’d ever fished. It didn’t matter if I fished with 30ft. of fly line or just a foot of line from the tip. The wind got stronger as time went by. I even cussed it out at the top of my lungs. Just so you know, that doesn’t help.

    I even casted high behind me and brought the fly down in front. Is that called the Belgium cast? Anyway, it didn’t work. When I did get a good drift and when I had to mend the line, I’d lift the line a little and the wind would pick the whole thing up and take my fly away. OR, during a good drift, it didn’t matter if my rod tip was high or a foot off the water, the wind would blow my line off track and drag it downstream.

    When the wind decided to take my $65 fishing hat down river, that’s when I said enough is enough. There was no way I could chase it down. It’s gone. Loved that hat.

    When you go out, and the wind isn’t cooperating, what do you do to beat it if you can? I tried everything, but the gusts were too much and too long.



    I cut short a trip to the San Juan one March – gale-force wind made it impossible. Landed exactly one fish in two days when the wind suddenly quit for literally 5 minutes which led to a few risers and a chance to put a midge adult over one. The only people catching trout were guided sports (nymph + indicator anglers) using the drift boat as a windbreak or spin fishermen tossing jigs. This past July I experienced equally brutal winds on a favorite northern NM meadow stream and could only fish from dawn to maybe 10 AM before calling it a day. No relief from the hurricane until well after sundown. Not fun.

    Other than giving up and trying another day, I don’t know. When the wind’s so bad it either drives the cast back in your face or blows all the slack out of the leader and gives you insta-drag the result is the same.

    Sorry about the hat.



    I hate the wind too Scotty. If you have room you can try a sidearm cast. I’ll even get on my knees and use a sidearm cast sometimes. Anything to get the cast low below the wind. It’s usually calmer near the water.

    It’s probably why I like creek fishing. Usually, they don’t get the wind bigger rivers get. Sort of.


    Scotty MacFly

    I even did that Creek. The wind came right down on the water. I have learned that this does and will happen once in awhile. It’s not my first rodeo where I was beaten by the wind, and it won’t be the last either. Oh well, I just have to accept it, that’s all. Still ticked about my hat though.

    It’s almost enough to just about want to sell my Radian and put it towards a medium action 3wt bamboo for my favorite creek. Or maybe get a mid priced 6wt. Hmmmm?



    Better to not fish in the wind.


    Scotty MacFly

    Fishing in the wind is like Justin Bieber closing for Gordon Lightfoot. It’s just WRONG!!!!!


    Dry Fly Guy

    I’m a dry fly fisherman,


    a sailor for a reason.

    ~ DFG


    Scotty MacFly

    DFG, you have it pretty well covered.



    I know you mention fishing a furled leader, but have you tried fishing hand tied leaders which have a heavier butt section? They maintain more energy and can help with wind.



    I use some furled leaders that are made for nymphing. They have pretty thick butts to turn over weighted nymphs and bobbers. I’ll tie one of those on when it’s windy and it helps a lot with dries. I’ll also use it when using big hoppers.

    Then use a regular furled leader for no wind and smaller flies.

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