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    I have a great deal of free time during winter, and now that I’m committed to fishing dries, have a question about BWO and midge hatches.

    On my local limestone spring creeks, water temperature doesn’t seem to be a factor, and air temps above 32F seem to bring on midges and BWOs. But on freestome streams, am I more likely to see midge activity on days with warmer water, or warmer air temperature?


    Dry Fly Guy

    My experience is that you’ll see more activity with warmer air temps. But being a sissy when it comes to fishing in cold weather, that may be because that’s when I see more activity, and has absolutely nothing to do with the midges.

    Having said that, I’ll still venture out on the proverbial limb and state that in my experience air temps will have a greater influence on midge activity, especially when you consider how relatively constant the water temps remain. But I also suspect that water temps have to have reached a certain temperature before any activity would begin anyway, as I haven’t ever witnessed midge activity on frozen water. 😉 Then again, you won’t find me out there either.

    Now all you entomologists can tell me why I’m wrong or right.

    ~ DFG

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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