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    Dark Waters

    My Dennis Stone 7′ 3/2 4wt blank came today and looks great. The cane has been darkened with ammonia treatment. It took exactly 1 month to the day I ordered it to get the blank. I already have the guides and several spools of silk, the only thing I have not gotten yet is a reel seat.

    Pics to come..



    Excellent – look forward to seeing the finished project!


    Dark Waters

    Thanks, I will definitely be taking my time with this and will try to update as I make headway.

    The blank..

    Some other goodies..

    Some assorted silk colors, not sure what I’m going to use just yet. I glued up the 5.5″ grip a few weeks ago, two different size mildrum strippers to pick from and snake brand guides. At some point I will order a Bellinger slide band seat. (My favorite)

    The rod has a pretty firm butt section, but put it together and it feels like it’s going to be a really nice versatile dry fly rod. It feels really light for a 3 piece rod. Should be a great fit as a more travel friendly option with my other rods.

    This is how Dennis describes this rod on his website:

    “7′ 3pc. 4wt.
    A rod that is reminiscent of the Granger Wright/ McGill 7633 yet a true 4wt. It is a medium fast dry fly action rod for small streams”

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    I owned a Stone 7ft 4wt 2/2 and it was a wonderful casting rod. Quick, not full flex, which is what I like. Traded it away to Italy for a Tight loops built Steffen 3/4 as I am more of a glass guy.

    You’ll like the finished product. Post a photo when done.



    I have two of Dennis’ rods that he built. A 7 1/2 2/2 5wt, and an 8′ 2/2 3wt. They’re some kind of Heddon taper. Love ’em both, and alternate between them, some glass, and my lightline graphites. So many sweet rods (too many, but . . .), but I do fish most that I have. Here’s one of ’em.


    Dry Fly Guy

    That’s a great picture Lightline, and Dennis should be using it as advertising!

    ~ DFG


    Dark Waters

    That is a great picture.

    Tabornatives: Your description of your former 2 piece fits this rod quite well too. It’s not a soft or full flexing rod. I wouldn’t be surprised or even disappointed if I prefer it with a 5wt line.


    Dark Waters

    Turned and fit a nice 5 1/2″ cigar grip over the weekend, very pleased with how it came out. Hope to get the ferrules wrapped and put some varnish on the blank soon. Waiting on a reel seat order before gluing the grip on.



    How’s this coming along? I’ve been waiting to see final photos.



    Dark Waters

    Brett, I have not been able to make any progress with it. I had listed it for sale a month ago and took it down to think about what I really wanted to do. I ended up buying two new 5 weights so I need to get serious about selling the blank.

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